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How Do I Find A Good Football Tipster?

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Tipsters can make your life as a punter quite easy, especially when you want to sail through unknown weather. A lot of football happens throughout the year. Thanks to online resources, you can watch most of them live through streaming solutions. Still, the lack of time can stop you from betting on each and every match. This scene can be changed for the better with a football tipster. However, finding one amongst the horde can be nerve-wracking because there are lots of fake scammers who can drain you out financially. 

Here are some proven tips you can follow to get a good tipster for a profitable association.

1. Refer to the performance data

Every tipster verification site has a record of genuine tipsters. Instead of going straight away to a tipster site and referring to the performance data there, you can check the name of the tipster at the monitoring and verification site. The appearance of the tipster on those sites is the first sign of its trustworthiness. To make research easy, the tipster verification sites offer their monthly performance records, betting types served, association with the site since when, etc. Hence, it speeds up the research and allows you access to genuine tipsters too. 

2. See the activity level

A good tipster will always show a high level of activity. He will offer you tips on an almost daily basis. The number of tips delivered will be more than 1000 and the current performance record will pertain to a recently played match or it may be today’s or tomorrow’s fixture. This activity level is also a sign of the genuineness of a tipster. Many tipster sites don’t go off the internet long after they have stopped working. Thus, it becomes imperative to reach a tipster via the verification site and check the activity level there.

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3. High winning percentage

You buy tips to win the bet, right? You will have no second thoughts about branding the tipster as good if the bets tipped by him end in a win a majority of the time. As a soccer betting enthusiast, you can book more profits by associating with a tipster with a high winning percentage. Apart from the winning percentage, profits earned, ROI% and last 5 bets’ records also insinuate whether the tipster is good or not. 

Some tipsters are masters of the selected betting services. You will find them providing tips on those betting types quite regularly and there will be very few dry spells in the set of bets tipped. 

4. Access to insider news 

A good tipster is a part of a big betting syndicate. These syndicates have their sources planted in the management. They also have access to pitch conditions, crowd sentiment reports, bookie sentiment and news of transfers/replacements in the squad. With this information in hand, the tipsters can predict the outcomes correctly in the majority of instances. A good reputation in football circles results in good tips; it is a common observation. So, find the tipsters who have been on the board of teams’ management companies, or have worked closely with the tournament officials.

5. Knowledge of research methods 

A good tipster is bang-on when it comes to the research methods. They know the conditions to find the probable outcome of the game, such as:

  • Home team win percentage
  • Visiting team win percentage
  • Close rivalry or position on the rank tally table of a tournament
  • Motivation levels of the teams
  • Psychological profiles such as personal life issues, off-the-field developments, etc.
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Their knowledge of research tools like odds calculators, VR games simulators, in-play statistics providers, etc. can help them make predictions that end in winning a bet. 

6. Coverage of several games played throughout the year

A good tipster will provide intelligence for all types of football games. You must be aware of the matches like league matches, qualifiers, group matches, knock-off matches, etc. Every football-loving nation has a top-tier tournament; the European and the US continents conduct prestigious tournaments where the top-performing countries contend for coveted trophies like Euro Cup, World Cup, etc. All these games are on the radar of a good tipster. You can ascertain the expertise of a tipster by following the games and the tournament types tipped by him. 

7. Easy payment terms and customer-friendly policies

At the end of the day, a tipster has to complement the budget you have for buying tips. Also, the tipster should have the intention of providing the best experience. A tipster is quite exceptional and bettor-friendly if he offers not only genuine and correct tips but also an easy way of buying those. Some of the friendlier ways adopted by good tipsters are:

  • Inclusion of all popular payment methods to enable quick buying
  • Regular updation of the tips available for buying and a clear indication of bets that are closed
  • Delivery of tips and advance intimation of upcoming tips or events through emails and SMSs
  • Bonus tips announcement for enhancing the fun
  • Replacement tips for the lost tips from time to time
  • Regular review of payment methods and gateways
  • Easy profit redemption conditions, smaller thresholds, if any.
  • Analyze-select-buy: Not more than three steps process for buying tips
  • All ongoing matches are highlighted at the top or home page for easier navigation and quick buying.
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The tipster verification sites rate the tipsters on various parameters including user-friendliness. So, when a tipster gets registered with such sites, it is believed to have met the strict guidelines of qualifying for the same. The bettors can visit these sites to find out about the current performers or the new entrants too.

We would like to recommend these football tipsters as below:

  1. Topsportspick.com
  2. Betting-advise.com
  3. Footballtipsters.net
  4. Teamtalk.tips
  5. Soccertipsters.net
  6. Tipstersguide.com

To Conclude:-

Jumping upon any tipster without research can hit your budget badly. The tipster space is flooded with bad performers or fake profiles. Using the recommendations of the tipster verification site is one of the easy tricks to stay safe amidst scammers. These sites check the tipsters with real money and recommend them to the customers only when they are satisfied on all grounds and have made good money themselves.

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