4 Casual Games That Are Great for Non-Gamers

4 Casual Games That Are Great for Non-Gamers

Whether you’re interested in gaming as a hobby that you want to share with your friends and partner, or you simply want to be able to play some casual games in your free time, you will likely be faced with a plethora of options.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in mobile, video games, or console titles; the number of games available in the market is growing exponentially. But, as gaming is becoming more diverse, there are lots of games that are available for casual gamers that suit their skills and experience. So, that being said, in this article, we have reviewed some top games for non-gamers.


Florence is another casual game that is very easy to play, but it is on the lighter side as it is set in a realistic environment and the main protagonist is a young woman Florence which tries to find her place in her world. But, the main problem is that she is very shy and struggles to make new friends. 

This is an interactive story and video game where you get to make some choices for the characters. Also, the main plot is also centered around her relationship with the cellist from the park and the ups and downs in their relationship. This award-winning game is very relaxing and has provided the perfect escape from a stressful day.

Mobile Casino Games

Casino games on mobile-friendly casino sites like NetBet casino are definitely appealing for both non-gamers as well as gamers. They are very interesting because there are created to test your skills, especially table casino games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other titles. 

Furthermore, you can also immerse yourself in captivating slot games that come with a different set of characters and animations. Overall, mobile casino games are great for anyone that wants to play top casino games on the move but keep in mind that there is a certain level of luck involved regardless of the type of the game.

Little Nightmares 2  

This is a game that will definitely pique your interest because Little Nightmares 2 is a horror adventure game that features realistic, high-quality graphics that are very captivating and creative. Overall, this is a very suspenseful game that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat, but, also the game is still very easy to play. Therefore, it is perfect for non-gamers.


Overcooked is a mobile game that is set in a diner where you need to serve hungry customers and finish different tickets before the customers get angry or disappointed with the service. You need to increase your focus as well as reflexes while you prepare the increasing number of meals.

It is a very good cartoon-cooking simulator because the animations and cutting-edge graphics transport you in the hectic environment of the diner. It’s also beneficial for new players that there is ‘Assist mode’, which gives you more time to finish all of your tickets before they expire. So, again, this is another helpful option if you need more time to get accustomed to the controls and the environment of the game.


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