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Get To The Bus Station To Travel Within Slovakia From Or To Bratislava 

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Bratislava, the largest and the capital city of Slovakia is a beautiful city located on the banks of the River Danube. If you wish to explore this wonderful city and do not have a personal vehicle then that should not be a problem. 

The public transport network of this Slovakian city with well-connected Bratislava buses is well developed to take you anywhere within the city and even abroad. 


The public transport in Bratislava is owned by a company Dopravny podnik Bratislava (DPB) which includes daily buses, trams, and trolleybuses covering the entire city with an excellent network. 

The historical centres of the city can be reached on foot but for visiting the other parts of the city, you need to take Bratislava buses or trams. You can purchase a single ticket for all three means of transport. 

However, tickets need to be purchased before stepping on the bus from any of the ticket machines available at:

  • DPB customer service centres
  • Slovak Railways sales points
  • Newspaper stands 

You do not need to validate your ticket if you are transferring the buses. 

National Buses leaving from Bratislava

Travelling within Slovakia to and from Bratislava by bus is the cheapest way to travel around the country. The timetable of buses departing from Bratislava is available at every bus station spot that includes a list of all the stops and also the approximate travel time to reach a place.

The buses for neighbouring cities and villages in Slovakia are usually coloured blue. You can buy the tickets directly from the driver for these routes. The ticket prices are:

  • 10 km – 0.80 Euros
  • 20 km – 1.5 Euros
  • 30 km – 1.60 Euros
  • 40 km – 2.00 Euros
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International bus lines from Bratislava

Many buses depart for Austria and Vienna since these places are close to Bratislava. You will also get buses from Bratislava’s main bus station for Schwechat, the International Airport in Vienna.

Bratislava is well connected with other European countries so there are buses from the main bus station countries like:

  • Amsterdam
  • Basel
  • Antwerp
  • Athens
  • Belgrade
  • Brussels
  • Budapest
  • Frankfurt
  • Sofia
  • London
  • Paris
  • Hamburg

Bus time tables and services

The Bratislava bus timetable is divided into three parts:

  • Pracovne dni: Timetable is for weekdays from Monday to Friday, except school and national holidays
  • Skolske prazdniny: The timetable is for buses only during school holidays excluding the national holidays
  • Sobota-nedela-sviatok:  It includes buses for the weekends and national holidays.

The Bratislava bus services start operating from early morning 5 am till midnight which might not apply to some routes. If you wish to avail of DPB buses at night, they are available from 11:30 pm till 4:30 am.

You also have the option of changing the buses between most of the lines since they all are well connected. 

Different sightseeing tour buses are also available for exploring the beautiful Bratislava vineyards, little Carpathian Mountains, and the Red Stone Castle. Therefore, if you wish to make travel plans in advance, check the online portal for all the information regarding Bratislava bus timetables for each place. 




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