Famous musicians who like to gamble

Famous musicians who like to gamble

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes an individual can have and it is not an activity that is limited to a certain person. Indeed, anyone can partake in the games that can be played, with each of those who take part all looking to achieve one main aim: to win!

Of course, playing various casino games such as poker and roulette can help to provide gamblers with a thrill of excitement, whilst they may also be able to provide individuals with a large amount of enjoyment as well, especially if things are going as well as they possibly can. There are a number of different ways in which a positive experience can be had, with some likely to look for roulette strategies to adopt before turning the wheel, whilst others will look to try and adopt other strategies that apply to the game that they wish to play.

There are a number of high-profile names who are known to enjoy a flutter when playing at a casino, with a number of chart-topping musicians to have also loved the experience that gambling provides them with. These are just some of the famous stars to have been known to enjoy a casino.

1. Nelly

Rapper and songwriter Nelly is known around the world for his appearance and some of the huge hits that he has managed to produce. However, when he has not been sporting a band-aid on his cheek and singing songs such as “Dilemma”, “Hot In Here” and “Hey Porsche”, the rapper has been known to sit around various poker tables all around the world.

Nelly is known to love playing cards and has had a lot of success whilst playing in poker tournaments, as the Grammy Award winner has made appearances at the 2007 main event of a reputable casino, as well as competing in some other poker tournaments during the next years. 

2. Frank Sinatra

Perhaps one of the biggest musicians and arguably one of the best to have ever shared his talent, Frank Sinatra was known to love the bright lights that Las Vegas offered in regards to the entertainment circuit. This even included the casino rooms as he was a huge Blackjack player.

Having been an established part of the entertainment scene in Sin City from the 50s and throughout the rest of his life, it is believed that the Rat Pack member had even owned his own casino at one point before losing his gambling license.

3. Cee-Lo Green

It is a lot easier to gamble when you have a lot of money available to use, which is perhaps why it is no surprise that there are a number of rappers who enjoy a flutter in a casino. Cee-Lo Green, who went on his own after achieving success as one half of the duo that comprised Gnarls Barkley, is known to enjoy gambling as he is regularly spotted attending casinos all around the world.

4. P Diddy

Known throughout the world under a variety of different stage names such as “P Diddy”, “Puff Daddy” and “Diddy”, Sean Combs as he is known to his parents is also a known lover of gambling, with the game of Blackjack his poison.

Of course, when you have the amount of money that Combs will have available after helping to launch the careers of Notorious BIG, Mase, and others, as well as have a number of hits himself, it is hardly a surprise to know that he likes a flutter.

Often invited to events and launches, the rapper is a skilled Blackjack player and has even been given an ambassadorial role for the game, which he is rumored to play in his dressing room before he takes to the stage and performs his hits.

5. Gladys Knight

Perhaps one of the most famous musicians who have a love for all forms of gambling is Gladys Knight, as she revealed herself in her autobiography.

Whilst she is known as the “Empress of Soul”, the former lead vocalist in Pipe Dream and the winner of an impressive four Grammy Awards, Knight has revealed that her game of choice is Baccarat when she heads to a casino. It has been claimed that she even managed to spend $40,000 on the game in a single night.

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