Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner – Net worth, family, full biography etc

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner – Net worth, family, full biography etc

Christopher Jarret Medina Gardner was born on 28 January 1981 in San Francisco, California, United States. He is the first child of Chris Gardner and Jackie Medina. He is the adherent of the book ‘The pursuit of Happiness’.  Christopher Jarret has a younger sister Jachintha Medina.

Christopher Jarrett is popular because of his father Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner is an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. Chris has a net worth of $70 billion by 2020.

Their story is popularized after the release of the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ inspired by the book written by Chris Gardner. Gabriel Muccino directed the movie featuring Will Smith.

Christopher Jarret – Son of Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner married Sherry Dyson within a few years of their marriage their relationship disengaged. Chris had an extra-marital affair with a dental student Jackie Medina. Within four months of their affair, Jackie became pregnant and moved in with her.

During this time Chris worked as a lab assistant in a Veteran hospital with a monthly salary of $600 per month. Chirs struggled during this time he sometimes kept his son in childcare during his work time.

As this was not enough to support his family he left his job as a lab assistant and applied for a new job as a salesman in medical. Where he got a much better salary to support his living and family.

Some frequently asked Questions

1. What does Christopher Medina do?

After Gardner sold his little stake in Gardner Rich in a multimillion-dollar bargain in 2006, he became CEO and author of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, with workplaces in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

2. What is his real name?

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner

3. Is Sherry Dyson his real mother?

No, Sherry Dyson is his stepmother.

4. What is Christopher Jarret Medina’s Nationality?

He is American.

5. Christopher Jarret Medina’s age?

39 years as of 2020 since he was born on 28 July 1981

6. Christopher Jarret Medina’s religion?

He follows Christianity.

7. Eye Color?