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Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics365 Implementing Partner: Practical Tips

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Microsoft Dynamics has become a leading ERP, CRM, and sales solution for businesses. You can regard the software as popular for businesses due to its rich features and seamless integration with other applications.

The key benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics365 are:

  • Centralises data
  • Imparts scalability
  • Flexibility in licensing
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products
  • Reduces sales cycle
  • Enhances the customer service experience
  • Increases productivity

Due to the worthy features, you might tend to believe that it is not important to choose a quality Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner. But, it is wrong because the rollout depends a lot on the quality of the implementing partner.

Remember, the quality of the implementing partner can make or break your project. With the right implementing partner, you can ensure that your project stays on track, conform to the budget, and accomplish your business goals.

Therefore, you should ensure that you should engage a competent partner for the dynamics 365 ERP implementation.

It will help if you consider the following factors for your Microsoft Dynamics365 implementation:


First, look at the competency of your prospective implementing partner. You can get an idea of the competency by checking their status in the Microsoft Certification Program. 

Microsoft segregates partners into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Member. The segregation is based on the number and size of deals implemented by the service providers annually.

You should ensure that the prospective implementing partner has competencies matching your requirements. 

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Selecting an implementing partner with extensive experience is of paramount importance for a successful implementation, leading to improved business efficiency. 

Therefore, you should evaluate the expertise of your implementation partner beforehand. In addition, it is a good idea to choose a partner willing to take the time to understand your unique pain points and your specific requirements.

You can ask your prospective partner for client testimonials and references. And ensure that those clients are in the same line of business as yours. 

Moreover, the timeline of your prospective partner’s association with previous clients is also an indicator of the quality of the partner. Usually, 

Number of Projects Implemented

Next, look at the number of projects your prospective implementing partner implemented. You can regard the number of projects successfully deployed by a Microsoft Dynamics service provider as a dependable indicator of their competency.

Therefore, check the number of implemented projects of your prospective implementation and the success rates. If you find the figures impressive, you can deploy the partner to implement your project.

Again, you should choose a partner having the experience of undertaking projects for global clients if your business operates in multiple geographies. Additionally, you should select a partner with expertise in implementing multi-country locations and multi-country rollouts.

Suppose your business is in Saudi Arabia. You need to choose one of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Saudi Arabia. 

Clear Communication

While dealing with an implementing partner, aspects like clear communication and transparency play a significant role in making the project successful. 

You will also see that if your partner responds promptly, it contributes decisively to the success of the project. 

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Moreover, examine the transparency of your prospective implementation partner. Remember, all stakeholders need to be transparent about project deadlines and expected results.


For a successful project implementation, selecting the right partner is the key. You should choose a partner that involves all stakeholders in everything they do and can implement your project successfully. Moreover, your partner should be able to meet your business needs. However, if you choose the wrong partner, you might see the expected results of the implementation. 

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