8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Rental Property

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Rental Property

The visual appeal of your rental property determines whether it will attract renters or not. If you have a properly maintained property with spacious and decent-looking rooms, you’re sure to win more customers to your side. To keep your rental property looking great and get to win more customers, you’ll need to make regular property upgrades. The following are 8 simple and affordable upgrades you can make on your rental property.

Improve its Curb Appeal

Your property’s curb appeal is what potential tenants see when they come looking for a property to rent. Many different upgrades can make your property feel and look like the home leasers want. The best upgrades you can make include weeding, changing light fixtures, and adding some plants to the porch. You can also improve the property’s curb appeal by installing outdoor torches or hanging lighting fixtures over the property’s sitting room.

Wash the Exterior Space with a Pressure Washer

Dirty elements around your exterior rental home can drive away potential tenants. By deep cleaning your property’s exterior space, you can give it a new and fresh look. Thoroughly clean all parts of the property including sidewalks, walls, roofs, and fencing will leave it looking impressive, which may encourage leasers to make a move.

Paint the Property Afresh

A freshly painted rental home will look pretty eye-catching. Painting the property afresh inside out makes it look brand new. You can jazz up smaller rental rooms by painting them with light paint colors. If the property cannot be painted, you can add peel and stick wallpapers to make it more attractive.

Invest in Vinyl Flooring

It’s not easy to maintain a clean and fresh look on your carpet regardless of how often you steam or deep clean it. Tenants will shy away from renting your property if the carpets are ever blemished and soiled. Rather than keeping a tainted carpet and scaring away tenants, you should consider installing vinyl flooring. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it’s waterproof, durable, and can withstand scratches and high traffic. Once you install vinyl flooring, you won’t have to replace it for the next five years.

Install New Cabinet Doors

Another great way to enhance your rental property is by adding new cabinet doors. Cabinet doors wear out really fast and can make your cabinets look weary and unattractive. In making your rental property a bit attractive and stylish, you want to add stylish and fashionable doors to your bathrooms and kitchens. While choosing the cabinet doors, select the ones that have the same style and design as your cabinets.

Cover Walls With Temporary Wallpapers

If you don’t have the time to repaint your old walls, you can give your property a fresh look by adding wallpapers. Temporary wallpapers hide the blemishes and dents on the walls, which gives them a more beautiful look. Wallpapers allow you time to remodel the walls at a later date while ensuring you lose potential tenants. Besides, temporary wallpapers are cheap and removable, so you can cover them for some time before you remodel the walls.

Install More Energy Efficient Fittings

One of the features potential tenants pay attention to when renting a home is the efficiency levels. A home that’s efficient will often sell faster and better compared to ones with old and inefficient fittings. To enhance the energy efficiency rating of your home, consider installing energy-efficient fixtures and fittings. Replace your outdated lighting fixtures and waters with newer versions with energy-star ratings.

Install Modern Window Treatments

Another great way to improve the functionality and looks of your property is by installing window treatments. Fashionable blinds made of eco-friendly materials come in many different styles and designs to match the unique preferences of different customers. Consider installing bamboo blinds that match the style and decor of your home to make it stand out. Compare hundreds of blind styles and decors to choose ones that match your home decor.

Maintaining a rental property to keep it attractive and stylish is time-consuming and challenging. Instead of struggling to keep your rental property up-to-date and attractive, consider hiring an expert in property management Ipswich. An expert property manager will always know which of the upgrades above will work for your property

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