5 Useful Tips for Arranging A Comfortable Kitchen

5 Useful Tips for Arranging A Comfortable Kitchen

Even a small kitchen can be made comfortable: now manufacturers offer different options for furniture, appliances and mechanisms that make life easier for us. We tell you which of them you should pay attention to, and what to do additionally to create a comfortable space.

Use catch cabinets

L-shaped and U-shaped combinations of cabinets allow you to use the gabinetes de cocinas space optimally. But with such a configuration, the question of corner modules arises: without special shelves, their far part remains unused. Such shelves include the so-called magic corners and carousels.

Magic corners are metal structures that, when the door is opened, leave the bowels of the corner cabinet with all the utensils. Accordingly, when the door is closed, the corner drives back. Thus, it is possible to use the far part of the cabinet, and similar designs are available for both lower and upper cabinets.

Rationally equip the cabinet under the sink

The cabinet under the sink is often ignored and not sought to be equipped with additional options. Many people just put a trash can there. Meanwhile, this space can be used more rationally. Firstly, the container can be attached to the door. This is the most economical way to organize a “washing” cabinet.

Above the container, with such a compact arrangement, you can equip a shallow pull-out U-shaped mesh box in which it is logical to store sponges and napkins. Foreign manufacturers, in accordance with modern environmental requirements, place several garbage containers under the sink – this is necessary for sorting waste.

Usually, they are compactly placed in a drawer or on a tray, in which it is still possible to find a place for detergents from the sides. Since garbage sorting is not so relevant for us yet, you can adapt some of the containers to store pet food or household items.

Choose a modern sink

It would seem that there are no special secrets here: a mixer and a bowl made of composite or metal. But there are nuances that are worth considering. The greatest degree of comfort is offered by sinks with two or three bowls of different depths: additional ones are convenient to use during food processing.

To do this, there are various types of overlays: cutting boards, trays with holes for defrosting food, graters, and colanders, which are used as a colander. Composite sinks are almost as durable as natural stone and are less noisy than those made from stainless steel. The usual washing depth is 16-20 cm. If you have a deeper bowl, you can wash large pots and pans.

Equip cabinets with drawers

The best option for floor cabinets is to equip them with drawers. Unlike stationary shelves, this solution significantly increases the comfort of the kitchen. Boxes provide 100% visibility of the content. Especially if you use internal organizer dividers. In search of the desired item, you do not have to kneel down and climb headlong into each module in turn, putting everything that is there on the floor.

Drawers in modern kitchens are equipped with closers that provide smooth closing without characteristic cotton, in addition, special shock absorbers facilitate the extension of shelves loaded to the limit – even a 50-kilogram container can be pulled out without effort.

Choose reliable work surfaces

The most durable and durable work surfaces, or tops, are made of composite or artificial stone – but they are also 3-4 times more expensive than laminated boards. But such countertops have a monolithic surface without seams (the joints are glued and polished) and are also connected without seams to the sink, which can be ordered from the same material.

Unlike laminate, there are no micropores on their surface, in which dirt sooner or later begins to accumulate. Stainless steel tops are practical and give the kitchen a professional look. A novelty can be considered the appearance of kitchen tops made of colored tempered glass. They are often chosen by adherents of modern style. Such glass withstands loads, is not afraid of hot, and practically absorbs nothing.