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What to Know Before Choosing to Attend a Maritime Academy

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If you are thinking about enrolling in a maritime academy, read this!

A maritime academy offers its enrollees the opportunity to gain the education necessary to start a career at sea. These academies serve as educational hubs for industries that rely on boating and ship operations to transport or store goods. 

Aside from offering academic training, maritime academies also offer nautical training, navigational skills, and hands-on experience for graduates. 

If you are interested in a career in the maritime industry but are not sure where to start, you should come to terms with the following: 

Essays and Interviews are Crucial to Getting In

Apart from the lengthy and complicated admission process, this institution has only a 16% acceptance rate. So, you must ace your essay and interview.

Don’t be late, dress appropriately, and be confident in your answers. You should also prepare a solid answer to the question, “why do you want to attend an academy.” You will learn a lot about yourself throughout the process as well.

Make sure to talk to many alumni and students about their experiences at the academy. This information may come in handy during the admission process.

The institution is under pressure to ensure more diversity, so if you are female or a minority, you may have a better chance of being accepted.

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Be Prepared for a Regimented Routine

Before attending a maritime academy, be sure of yourself and what you are willing to give up. A typical day at a maritime academy will involve waking up at 0530 and promptly starting your academic or nautical training at 0630. 

Students are expected to abide by all rules and regulations required for survival at sea. You also won’t be allowed to leave the academy grounds until the end of the day. 

These routines are not for the faint-hearted, but there are a lot of successful graduates of maritime academies, like this former student. All it takes is hard work and perseverance.

You will also have to perform chores and long hours of physical work at sea.  

You Need Proper Physical Fitness 

If you will not be able to deal with the academy’s routine or will not submit your best effort, do not even bother applying. You must be physically fit enough to keep up with the rigorous schedules and cope with all the physical exertions required for survival at sea. 

A Testing Two Weeks of Academy Orientation

The academy’s orientation will last for two weeks of intense training in preparation for training at sea. You will undergo physical activity in different weather conditions and sea conditions. 

During this time, you will learn about all aspects of the sea and how to survive in it. You should also be prepared to undergo psychological training to help you become mentally prepared for the challenges of life at sea. 

You will be yelled at, but don’t take it personally; this is normal for intense training to prepare you for life at sea.  You will learn how to properly use all the resources at sea, including food, water, and fuel.

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You Will Still Have to Do Normal School Work

Maritime academies also require you to pass examinations and tests to graduate like regular colleges and universities. You must also complete assigned courses to graduate. 

Forget About Social Life or Parties

Once you decide to attend a maritime academy, forget about ragers or other forms of entertainment that are usually part of the college experience. Maritime academies exist for the sole purpose of teaching students the necessary skills to survive at sea.  

There’s A Worthy Price at the End

The best part about attending a maritime academy is that you will get adequate training that will help you get good job placement and good starting pay. 


Over the years, many people have been taking advantage of the benefits of attending a maritime academy. 

However, this career is not for everyone and requires a lot of personal sacrifice and discipline. 

If you have what it takes, you should be on your way to a rewarding and fulfilling career at sea! 

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