What Should You Consider When Developing An eCommerce App?

What Should You Consider When Developing An eCommerce App?

Mobile apps in eCommerce are more than a trend. Phone buying is a new pattern, a habit that allows people to save their money and time. The owners of mobile applications are interested in the users to like the service, therefore, before each release, the application adjusts to the tastes and behavior of buyers: navigation becomes clearer, the catalog is clearer, and the ordering process becomes faster. People are not used to giving up on things that make their lives easier, so the popularity of shopping apps will only grow. Find out all the nuances of developing commercial applications at this link: https://fireart.studio/e-commerce-app-development-company/

Users choose apps because it is more convenient and often more profitable to buy in them:

  • Users have the ability to buy a product anytime, anywhere.
  • It is easier for users to compare products and prices in applications.
  • An inapp purchase saves time that people might spend commuting to the store.
  • The applications support the loyalty program, conduct unique promotions for regular customers.
  • Applications show the entire range of products in the store: in stock and on order.
  • eCommerce apps are not popular because of marketing campaigns, advertising, or capitalist conspiracy. They are popular because its easier for you and me. The smartphone is always there. The personal user experience of each of us proves that reaching out and placing an order is much easier than going shopping in a store.

Mobile appsthe way to the heart of the buyer

The relationship between a person and a brand is almost personal. Buying at our favorite store is for us akin to chatting with friendsit relaxes, gives pleasant emotions and a sense of security. But first, the application needs to win the buyer’s trust: send notifications on time, show the price with all possible discounts, find the nearest points of delivery of goods, correctly orient users according to the delivery time. And, of course, to be convenient and easy to use.

If you have developed the right eCommerce application, then the person will come back to you for shopping. What will the store get from this?

  • Increase in conversions and LTV. Regular customers know your product, appreciate the service, so they don’t need to be convinced of somethingthey already trust you. People purposefully come to buy and make it. Due to such user behavior, the conversion of the store and the lifespan of the buyer increase.
  • Reducing the cost of attracting. Reacquiring users are cheaper for the store, which is why even such giants of commerce are fighting for loyal customers. Hence the loyalty programs, special offers, and discounts that activate repeat purchases. From the experience of stores, we can say that the costs of such promotions pay off.

The role of a mobile app in your business

Thanks to the mobile application, people carry your store in their pocket: they can make a purchase at any time, arrange delivery, receive privileges and discounts on their next purchase. But the idea of a selling application is not limited to a convenient service.

First of all, the application is necessary for the business. It strengthens the connection with users, builds a loyal audience, and has the tools to increase profits.

  • A mobile application gives businesses a huge amount of scope to study user behavior.
  • The application has tools for returning users to purchase.
  • Due to the loyalty program, the application increases conversion and frequency of purchases.
  • In the app, shoppers go through their shopping journey and complete all actions faster than on the website.

The application provides an average check 130140% higher than on websites and their responsive versions.

A mobile application is an independent sales channel that adapts to each customer. In it, you can study user behavior in detail, introduce new marketing strategies and keep in touch with people.


Top 5 reasons why your store needs a mobile app:

  • Mobile apps help you save money on customer acquisition.
  • App conversions and lifetime value (LTV) are higher than on websites, implying that the app generates more money.
  • Applications allow for indepth analysis of user behavior and the testing of marketing tactics.
  • Thanks to the application, your store will be close to customers 24/7, and the person will be able to make purchases when it is convenient for him.
  • Any smartphone user can become a customer of your storeyou get 4.3 billion potential buyers.

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