Tips for Styling Short Haircuts Like A Pro

Tips for Styling Short Haircuts Like A Pro

 A short hairstyle gives you a very unique and versatile appearance. Short haircuts can be personalized to suit your hair texture, length, and shape of the face. Depending on how you wear it, a short hairstyle can help to bring out different personalities. With so many options to choose from, short hairstyles can have you looking fashionable every single day.

Besides having any options for styling your hair, short hair is very flexible as it allows you to regrow your hair to the length you want and get another hairstyle. There are however a few tips you should know when working on short haircuts. They include:

It is important that you know your hair texture as it contributes to how you style your short haircuts. The following are some of the different hair textures;

  • Fine Hair

This type of hair is usually naturally smooth and straight. It will however give you trouble in terms of creating volume. You will need to use hair products that help in increasing volume or blow-drying your hair while you comb it using a round soft brush. These are the only ways that you can use to achieve the right volume required for a particular style.

  • Thick Hair

This type of hair is usually of large volumes and tangles easily. This makes the hair very difficult to style especially if it has grown out. To ensure that the hair is easy to style, you need to trim your hair occasionally as well as blow-dry it perfectly.

  • Curly Hair

Curly hair makes for some glam short haircuts. This hair looks similar to thick hair because of the large volumes. However, this type of hair has more waves that make it more attractive. The curls can get out of control sometimes and hence smoothening products should be used to keep it smooth without tempering the hair volume.

  • Layered Hair

This hair looks more like wavy hair but, this one has layers made of large hair strands. If the layers are not properly maintained, they can be hard to style. Therefore, ensure that you blow-dry them occasionally to reduce the hair volume.

  • Use The Right Product

We can all agree that not all hair products style your hair perfectly. Some tend to be so greasy causing your hair to be heavy and unattractive. This means that it is very important to choose the right product for your hair. Always ensure that the product you choose does not have an impact on the natural appearance of your hair unless you want to increase the volume or improve the texture.

For instance, if you want to make faux hawks, dry the hair using a towel and then use some gel to style the hair appropriately. Use your fingers to rub through the hair and attain the right volume. For a wet hair look, use liquid hair gel that helps to give your hair a wet and shiny finish.

If you love short haircuts look that will stand out, you can use hot tools on your hair. You can use a flat or curly iron on your hair, depending on the style that you want to achieve.

  • The Use of Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have the ability to change the appearance of your hairstyle. They do not only help to highlight the hairstyle, but they also give you a fashionable appearance. Some of the accessories you can use on your hair are;

  • Headbands 

These are perfect for short hair as they help to hold your hair away from the face. They come in a variety of sizes like thin, thick, or medium. There are also plain and decorative headbands. The choice of headband that you make is what determines your look.

  • Beanies 

These are sleek accessories to use on a bad hair day. It is important to note that when you decide to rock a beanie, you should wear it for the whole day as it tends to flatten your hair.