Tips and Tricks for Affordable Trips

Tips and Tricks for Affordable Trips

I’m by no means an avid traveler, however over the past year I’ve been able to get familiar with travel websites and airlines, accommodation and more. Today, I’d like provide some tips for cheap journeys with you. If you’re on a tight budget like me it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the cost of traveling, but fret not! There are ways to win your challenge…

Travel Websites:

Beware of them! This is right, stay clear of every one of them Travelocity, Pricelines, Orbitz, etc. However, Vicky you’re saying I was thinking that these sites provide discounts and bundles! Sometimes, they do, however, they do not display every hotel, airline, or car rental option. Southwest for instance, isn’t listed on these websites. It’s usually more cost-effective to visit the website of the hotel or airline. I’ll occasionally check Tripadvisor ( in order to determine the availability of last-minute deals on flights. It is also worth checking out Travelzoo ( is useful for this too. However, I do not book through them. If you make your reservation direct with an airline, you will have more flight times and also other options to repurchase tickets baggage discounts, insurance, etc.

If you don’t have time to watch every penny, and need to book a trip quickly without much effort if so, then travel websites are perfect for you. In the meantime, continue reading….

Airlines For Trips

I’m not the sanest person when it comes to flying and limit my choices on three carriers: Spirit, Jetblue, and Southwest. The three airlines have not had any fatalities to date and I’m hoping that they stay the same! I’d avoid Delta. Google their safety ratings If you’re bored. It seems like they have bits fall off the planes frequently. Yes, Southwest lost a fuseloge some time ago, but.Nobody is perfect.

Spirit The reason I used to believe that Spirit was similar to flying in the older Geo Metro. They’ve updated a number of their aircrafts. Out of all the airlines Spirit is the cheapest rates, usually. Particularly this happens if you are a member of their fare-club for $9 (see the next section for more details). If you make reservations through them, it’s helpful to keep going. It’s similar to that of the Stock Market; prices wil change from day to day. I generally monitor prices for a few days prior to deciding whether to reserve. The early morning flights on weekdays are usually the most affordable. The catch (there’s always there’s always a drawback) Spirit charges you for baggage! Even carry-ons! $30 dollars for each bag one way! This means you have to take into account that expense when comparing fare prices against other airlines that do not charge. We typically require two bags if staying for more than 3 days. It’s an extra $120 for round-trip travel! It’s a change, isn’t it? I suggest Spirit when you’re planning an unplanned trip of just two days.

The $9 fare club offered by Spirit cost $60 per year. If you’re frequent traveler, it’s well worth it. Remember that there aren’t all flights that can be cheap. It is rare for a flight to always price at $9. However, you can find cheaper prices, as well as small savings on luggage. However, baggage will not be for free.

Jetblue TheCompany is one of the top choices for many frequent flyers. They will also alter their rates every day and based on the type of flight is booked. Sometimes, waiting until the very last minute, even though it can be stressful, is the best option to go. This is a risk, however, since sometimes their prices can be astronomical. If your travel plans allow for flexibility, advice staying put. Jetblue is highly rated and well worth the extra dollars, especially if you’re looking to compare it to Spirit. They offer a great satellite TV and spacious seats. My height is 5’10” and I’m very at ease in their standard seats. A row for emergency (with extra legroom) isn’t an issue for me traveling on anJetblue flight. Carry-ons, as well as the first checked bag are without cost!

Southwest The truth is that more often than not they have prices that are higher than the two other. However, I’m including them because they occasionally offer some fantastic “Web-Only” prices. Like the other twooptions, it is recommended to keep an eye on them for several days prior to making your bookings, since prices change frequently. Southwest offers three major advantages:

1.) Fully transferable flights. This means that you are able to change your flights as often as you like without any cost. If you decide to cancel the flight you may make use of the credit on any other flight in the course of one year. This is not common among airlines, unless you opt for other refundable options.

2.) Bags for carry ons, as well as 2 checked bags are at no cost! Yes, three bags at no cost.

3.) In the event that your travel plans are flexible, you may take a seat on a flight that is overbooked and Southwest will reimburse your account up to $300 subject to how long later the flight is scheduled to arrive. If you’re able to take this approach, you could save money by through this technique!


The best option is to create a great acquaintance in each major city. A friend who is a good one who has a couch is. The ideal is a guest bedroom. Of of course, this isn’t always the best option, depending on how well-known and popular you are. Therefore, continue reading…

My first suggestion is the hostel. If you’re one of those who read that paragraph then thought “yeah right, a hostel. I don’t think so.” It’s probably not the right choice suitable for you, so go ahead. For those who travel on a tight budget, wanting to meet new people and willing to experience new things the hostel is a fantastic alternative to hotel rooms. Particularly in big cities, where the most affordable hotels are 200 dollars per night. Hostels usually start at around $40 for a night and some even have private rooms. If you are looking for the right hostel, CHECK REVIEWS! Google “[hostel name] reviews.” You can also go straight to I nearly booked for a stay at the Greenpoint YMCA in Brooklyn until I went through their reviews. I’m going to stay clear of the cockroaches and bedbugs thanks. But, New York Loft Hostel has received rave reviews. I’m planning to book with them soon.

If you have to choose the hotel option, I’ll remind you that I’d steer clear of the travel websites except for the possibility of You could save money using them. You could also utilize them for checking offers. Read reviews about hotels, as well! A lot of times, hotels appear perfect on their website, however look through the reviews and you’ll be amazed.Flyadealand Egypt Airoffer great deals on airline tickets.


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