Preparation of online exams: Key points to remember

Preparation of online exams: Key points to remember

Exam preparation plays a very important role in achieving our goals in the exams. 

” A winning effort begins with preparation.” – Joe Gibbs. 

This means that for the achievement of our goals proper preparation and practice in that particular context is required. For performing well in exams, preparing well before it is very necessary. The online mode of examinations is growing at a rapid pace now. From the big exams to our school exams, all are getting conducted via online mode. Many students are trying to get familiar with this procedure of giving exams. 

Key points to follow for exam preparation

Students struggle a lot in completing the syllabus and preparing themselves when exams are hitting the door. There are several methods which you can follow to prepare efficiently for exams. 

Let us discuss a few main techniques that will help students to clear online exams with good scores and grades. These techniques will also help teachers to guide students about exam strategies while they teach online.

1. Learn and revise

For proper preparation of online exams, learning and revising the syllabus is very important. Do a detailed study of the subjects and content coming in the paper. Online exams include a variety of multiple-choice questions. To score well in these, detailed reading of the chapters is also required. Teachers who teach online should ask the students to do proper revisions. Consistent and focused study is a great way to prepare efficiently for your exams. 

Don’t take online exams lightly. Seriousness about the papers is very essential to score well. Avoid cheating with yourself as well as in the exams. Be honest and give the best of your abilities. After completing the whole syllabus, attempt several rounds of revision to deepen your understanding. The best app for online teaching holds proper revision and doubt classes for the students. They train their students well for the online exams. 

2. Test your knowledge

Testing your knowledge is equally important to any other step while preparing for your exams. This will help you to analyze your understanding and knowledge of the exam syllabus. If you are learning online, the best app for online teaching provides several aptitude tests and mock tests. Attempting these tests also gives you an idea of how exams are designed and what kind of questions may come in the paper. 

This will also help you to know where you are lacking behind and what are your weak points. This will provide you a chance for improvisation. Good scores on these tests will also motivate you to study hard and score well in the actual examinations. Other than this, a lot of content is available on the internet which you can access for practice. 

3. Read the exam guidelines properly 

Proper knowledge and understanding of the exam format are essential. This will help you to prepare accordingly. You should know the correct syllabus, date, timings, duration, mode of answering, location, and other information related to the online examinations. 

Read about what you have to keep with yourself during an examination. Digital copies of admit cards, enrollment numbers are the basic requirements which you should take care of.  Try to understand the exam framework as clearly as possible. Ask your teachers or elders if doubts or queries arise. Arrange all the necessary things required before the exam only. 

4. Check your network system

If you are going to give the exam from your space, then do check the system you will be using. For example, if you are going to attempt the exam through your computer, then check your computer system to see if it is working properly or not. 

Last-minute problems lead to panic and a lot of other disturbances. So to avoid them, check the hardware as well as software of your network device. Smooth internet access should also be taken care of. This will help you to stay away from delays, technical problems, and last moment pressure. Do the best from your side and don’t overthink much about it. 

5. Don’t forget to take accurate sleep

Don’t overburden yourself. Stress and pressure disturb your mental well as physical health. Practice as much as you can but don’t forget to take sufficient sleep of a minimum of seven hours. This will keep you energetic and active. You will be able to focus better on your preparation by following a healthy sleep cycle. 

Tips to follow during an examination

a). Time management-  Manage the time provided for a particular exam. Firstly, attempt all the questions you know, later invest the remaining time on the questions left. This way you will be able to complete your paper on time.

b). Don’t panic or stress outWe had already heard that ” Don’t stress, give your best, Forget the rest.”

 Same thing we have to follow while giving our exams. Don’t take the stress of not attempting any question. Give your best in whatever you know. Stay calm and focused. 

c). Cross-check your answers-  A way by which you can reduce the chances of making mistakes is by cross-checking your answers. Try to take out five to ten minutes for revising your answer sheet. 

Final word

These tips and techniques when followed before and during the examinations will help students to perform well. Along with this, you should listen to the advice of your teachers and parents. Always remember along with hard work, patience and focus are required. Don’t stress and freak out if things don’t happen your way. Learning is difficult but following the correct procedure makes the toughest of the tasks simple and relaxing. 



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