How DAAS Services Can Help Your Business in 2021

How DAAS Services Can Help Your Business in 2021

The rapid growth in the need for hybrid and remote work, as well as business continuity, has made DaaS (Desktop as a Service) a big priority for most businesses in 2021. DaaS solutions allow workers to access a virtualized Windows or desktop experience from a remotely hosted location, like a public cloud. 

By adopting Desktop as a Service, there’s no need for businesses to purchase a physical infrastructure related to server-based computing or virtual desktop infrastructure. Rather businesses operate through a usage-based or subscription-based payment model. Generally, DaaS includes services like provisioning, patching, as well as maintenance of management place, as well as resources required to host workloads. 

So, how can DaaS services help businesses in 2021?

Cost savings

Most businesses today lose millions of dollars every year in the form of lost intellectual property, workloads, and other data because of lost or stolen computers. However, adopting Desktop as a Service helps to mitigate these losses. 

Since data is stored in a cloud environment, it means it can be easily restored in case it’s lost. Besides, when you need to update physical desktops, it can take your IT department days, if not weeks to roll out updates for the entire company. However, that’s not the case with DaaS, since you can make updates on several computers at once, and this can save you money and time. 

DaaS allows users to access desktops via the cloud, regardless of their location. That means, your staff can access a desktop using smartphones or tablets while on the field. In addition, the services are accessible at any time, including holidays and weekends, meaning you can access important information during such periods. 

Improved security

Just like all other cloud services, DaaS is very secure. With DaaS, you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or getting in the wrong hands—DaaS encrypts your data and restores it in case it’s lost. 

Accessing your files or programs from a hosted desktop in case of an emergency can be a lifesaver. And this is what you get with DaaS. You don’t have to worry about what someone will do with your data if they steal your laptop or mobile device. 

Better control and management

The experts from DAAS solutions developer, BeCloud say that this platform gives your employees the flexibility they need to operate from any location. Besides, it also provides the agility needed by your network. However, you still retain control of everything. You can limit access to applications and data remotely. Besides, you don’t need to be onsite to do important updates to your system. With DaaS, you don’t have to worry about coordinating system updates that need terminal access, which can be further made difficult by remote work. 

No downtimes

Everyone who runs a business is always concerned about the possibility of downtime. Using a physical desktop increases the risk of possible malfunctions, which can bring the operations of your business to a standstill. 

Desktop as a service, on the other hand, is always available 24/7. Besides, you don’t need to be worried about possible server failure or any other technical problem. DaaS allows businesses to access their hosted desktop, so long they have an internet connection. 

Simplified scalability

When planning to expand your business, you definitely need capital expenditures. If you plan to hire new staff, you will need a new computer, as well as time to set up the computers. Besides, you need to make sure that your business can handle more traffic, storage, and computation. This is a massive investment, one that requires a lot of money. 

However, that’s not the case with DaaS. This service reduces the cost of hiring new employees. You only need minimal hardware, and your new staff is ready to go. That means you don’t need to spend a lot of money to scale your system and make sure that it’s ready to handle the growth of your business. 

As the businesses recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, they will be hiring new staff again. And, while most of the employees will be working remotely, DaaS will ensure the whole process seamlessly. 

DaaS provides the best platform for remote work

If you are planning to shift to remote working, Desktop as a Services can benefit your employees, regardless of whether you provide them with the required devices. Any employee with a company device will need to use tools and apps that cannot be provided over a VPN. Those without such devices, on the other hand, including contractors, short-term and new employees, can use their smartphones, tablets, or PCs to access the virtual desktop environment. 

DaaS reduces strain on your IT resources

Since DaaS allows you to outsource most of the regular maintenance and management of your desktop environment, it reduces the stress and burden on your IT staff. This, in turn, allows them to focus solely on the daily IT support tasks, meaning that their productivity is significantly increased.

Keeps your business compliant

Today’s businesses have lots of security compliance guidelines that they must follow. However, most of these businesses have a challenge in keeping up with these guidelines. But, with DaaS, your vendor can constantly update your services, which ensures that your business stays compliant with customer data. So, you don’t have to wonder whether it’s you or your staff who should manually roll out the updates to keep your data and information safe. 

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