7 Reasons Women Love Kaftan Dresses

7 Reasons Women Love Kaftan Dresses

Most of us look for airy, stylish, and easy-to-wear outfits. A kaftan is one such outfit. It is a traditional garment of the Middle East and can comfortably slip into everyday wear. Fashion designers, celebrities, and icons consider the kaftan a free-spirited and liberating garment for summer heat and ramp walk. One of Hollywood’s most enduring style icons, Elizabeth Taylor, popularized sparkling kaftans in fashion ensembles.  

A kaftan is a wardrobe staple when you just want to lounge around in peace and not put up a worn-out image. A roomy kaftan combines comfort and style in one silhouette itself. Add a funky print or detailed embroidery, and your kaftan will look no less than a glamorous costume for your evening or weekend party. Let us know what makes ladies prefer kaftan outfits over formalwear. 


A kaftan dress is a natural choice for women of different age groups and body types—a kaftan suits every waistline, whether you are thin or on the bulging side. A kaftan outfit makes a great clothing option and cocktail dress for lean, average, or plus-size women. You just need to accessorize it well to your style and preferences.    

Kaftans help to hide parts of your body you would not like to emphasize. Women with a bigger bustline can fulfil their goals of a flattering appearance by wearing a long-sleeved kaftan with a low V-neck.   

Brings Myriad Comfort

Brings Myriad Comfort

Airy and relaxing kaftans make you feel at ease, whether at the workplace or on social get-togethers. You can wear them for any casual occasion, whether to the neighbourhood grocery, a trip down the shopping lane, or an informal woman’s get-together.

A kaftan is an easy-to-slip into a nightdress and will give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. Cotton, polyester, and linen fabrics of a kaftan are skin-friendly and manageable. Working women and new mothers can make kaftan their primary summer outfit for home, office, beachwear, or staycation.    

Uber Style Statement

Uber Style Statement

Kaftans can be simple, vibrant, and colorful. There are many designs and variations in a kaftan to match your fashion choices. Consider having a kaftan with multi-colored beads, embroidery, or funky prints. 

There is no limit to creativity and imagination in kaftan wear. Go arty in getting abstract motifs, or inspiring animal and bird patterns, and other such designs. Explore quaint art and multi-coloured prints in a kaftan. Wear your colorful kaftan with a matching scarf or head wrap. Put on a pair of flat sandals, add a shoulder handbag and a pair of designer sunglasses, and your boho-chic outfit is ready to impress. 

Reasonably Priced

Kaftans are not only trendy and easy to drape in women’s clothing, but they are pocket-friendly too. At the start of their careers, college-going teenagers and young working females can wear a kaftan to balance their duties with fun hours without breaking the wallet. 

There is no shortage of colors, sizes, and fashion-forward designs in kaftans online. Whether you are caught in a hectic work schedule or have a sudden party invitation, a kaftan fits in all the roles without draining your pocket. You take the call on what works best for the occasion between a printed kaftan, a floral pattern, a hand-painted tie-dye or batik, or a silk kaftan.           

Suits All Occasions

Thrift buying is common among most urban dwellers. Surplus sales and festive holidays increase the shopping tendency and can overload your wardrobe and create confusion in carrying the right outfit.  

A kaftan makes a beautiful beach outfit. Pair it with strappy sandals, bohemian earrings, flip-flops, and light make-up. Wear a kaftan with high-heeled boots or a stiletto pair and light jewelry to put on the perfect lookup for a date night. Style your kaftan according to the occasion and need—no harm in wearing a kaftan of distinct colour and size for your morning and evening shift. In the age of multi-talented, a kaftan is a versatile fashion garment.


Pregnancy bump brings changes in dressing for new moms-to-be. For expecting mothers, modern-day emphasis is on wearing comfortable and lightweight dresses. Maternity kaftans can give it an elegant twist with relaxed silhouettes, drawstring features, and free size to accommodate a growing body.

Kaftans can help you master maternity fashion by tailoring breathable fabric and front buttons for use after the baby is born. Explore paisley prints, V-neck, strategically placed zippers during pregnancy. Fluttery sleeves can also look tasteful and feminine. Browse the internet or visit a maternity-shopping store to find kaftans that suit you. Prioritize comfort when choosing a full-length or knee-length kaftan. You may buy two or three kaftans for your maternity collection. 


Nothing works better than an easy-going kaftan during a hot summer. Wear it as a coat or as an overdress, with long sleeves. Or wear it as a loose-fitting garment in warm climates.

Whether you are in the mood to or play up your loungewear or have errand jobs to finish, kaftans are the perfect middle ground between low-key attire and a stylish ensemble. 

The Bottom Line

Kaftan is a symbol of royalty in some cultures. If you are a beginner to kaftans, talk to your kaftan-lover friends to reduce your apprehensions as a first-time buyer. Like every other outfit, pick the finest cotton, satin, or fabric in kaftan to ensure the most breathability.

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