5 tips to avoid getting scammed in Indian online poker

5 tips to avoid getting scammed in Indian online poker

Although the days of poker being played in shady rooms across the web are long gone. It has now been replaced with rigorous financial and administrative systems across both the online and live mediums of poker. Now you get your chips and cashouts both at the cage with a strict no-cash policy. Online, your deposits and withdrawals are secured with industry-leading transaction standards. With that being said, becoming a victim of a scam is mostly because of human error, whether it be misinformation or being duped by a third party with vested interests. Today we will set some guidelines for you which will make your chances of being scammed while playing poker games online negligible and raise your awareness about the things to look out for

1). Play on established sites –

As the old advertising tenet goes, a brand is a brand for a reason. Brands usually have a history of goodwill and ethical conduct with their customer bases, especially all the established ones with lakhs of deposits and withdrawals taking place daily, they simply cannot afford to “scam” you and it would be incredibly stupid of them to do so, It’s like Mark Zuckerberg trying to steal your phone number, surely it’s not worth a billion USD lawsuit is it? Tell that to the tinfoils!

2). Check if your x is financially ethical –

Being financially ethical has multiple layers to it, you need to check if your deposit gets processed in a timely fashion along with your withdrawals. You also need to assess the rake on even free poker online platforms and whether it is financially viable to play there at all. Finally, you need to look at their promos and make sure they are promos and not “make rake for us forever traps”. Thankfully at Pokerlauncher, you can find a list of trusted ethical platforms along with high Rakeback offers and signups bonuses for free, we put a lot of time in this list so you don’t have to.

3). Make sure you are getting a T.D.S certificate

T.D.S scam is a new minor scam where new platforms conduct themselves ethically when it comes to deposits and withdrawals but do not pay T.D.S or tamper with their T.D.S data, this can invite serious liability over both the room and the players playing on it, not paying taxes, in general, is not a good idea and something you do not want to get caught up on!. Make sure you only play on x with T.D.S certificates every quarter.

4). Make sure anti-collusion measures are implemented in your room

Collusion and multi-accounting are some of the evils that are inevitable in online poker, with that being said. You want to make sure your x takes the most stringent and serious measures when it comes to these cheaters, the punishment for soft play should be DEATH, I am kidding ofc but it should result in a seizure of funds, and in case of major collision or multi-accounting should be a seizure of funds AND a ban, make sure you do not play on rooms who take these unethical illegal cheats lightly, you want to make sure they are swiftly dealt with.

5). Don’t make third-party deals

As an online poker player, If your poker room doesn’t offer a deal option, don’t make a deal in that tournament outside of the poker website financial instruments with a stranger you don’t know. Countless people have made deals with strangers who have refused to honor the deal and ran away with both 1st and second place, If you are doing a third party deal only do it with someone you both know and trust a hundred percent. You also want to directly deposit and withdraw your money from rooms, having the most control and absolute transparency on your funds, anything else is unacceptable, and please don’t settle for it.  You also don’t want to deal with any Rakeback “agents” at all. If you are looking for Rakeback just go to some accredited affiliate like Pokerlauncher and get the best deals, don’t even try to swim in these murky waters because forget Rakeback, you might even lose what’s in your poker account!

In poker, Illegal and unethical methods are taken very seriously, It is an industry that operates on trust and goodwill after all! The chances of you getting scammed on well-established platforms many of your friends play on are low but on some new unknown platforms are high, make sure you learn and verify before you make a single deposit. We hope you are a more aware poker player now! You can also check the list of best poker sites in India.


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