What points should be considered before buying a used bike?

What points should be considered before buying a used bike?

Several Indians travel daily on motorcycles since, with a rapidly shrinking number of road spaces, two-wheelers are the preferred choice for navigating the challenges that urban commuters face. With so many manufacturers competing for client attention, buyers have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you lack the cash for a brand new motorcycle, buying a used machine can be an excellent alternative – provided that you know what you are doing. Think about what you need from the bike you plan on buying. Choose a bike that can withstand countless miles of fun and adventure. If you are planning to ride, search for bikes that are appropriate for the type of riding that you will be doing, ask yourself how and for what purpose you will use the bike, and then make your search accordingly.

You can look up information about bikes online, or speak to bike experts to find out more about used bikes for sale in India. You should carefully inspect the paint, scratches, any fluid leaks, the tyres, and any wear and tear on the outer body. Dents should be looked out for. Scratches that are not too deep should be deemed OK. There is a high likelihood that used bikes have drum brakes, so you might consider testing them and then deciding whether you’d like to change them or not. Service may be recommended as well. You should check with the owner how often the bike has been serviced and, more importantly, for what purpose. Usually, the VIN can be found stamped into the frame of a motorcycle’s steering neck, just behind the headlight.

Compare this number with the number on the official title before purchasing a motorcycle. Be sure to carefully examine the RC book, the bike insurance policy, the pollution certificate, the original invoice, and any extended warranties before purchasing the vehicle. In addition to having the bike checked out by a third party before you make a contract, it’s wise to buy the bike from a trusted source, even if you’re buying it from a private party. It is now time to complete all documentation, which mainly pertains to transferring the ownership and insurance to your name, once you have finished picking a used bike. If you are not the mechanically inclined type, take it to a local shop to be checked.


Tips to buying used bikes:

  1. Be clear to buy a used bike: It is important to select your bike or two-wheeler depending on whether it will be used for the daily commute or leisure use. If it is for the daily commute, you should purchase a second-hand bike that is durable and requires little maintenance. When shopping for a bike for pleasure trips on weekends or just in the evenings, you should consider a luxury model which can perform at a high rev and can sound powerful, and you should probably not be concerned with the mileage. Whatever be the reason, you should never buy a bike just for keeping it still in one place and using it once a month, as it may reduce its efficiency in the future. Careful thinking should be done before taking such an important decision.
  2. Decide from where do you want to purchase the bike: Nowadays you can buy a second-hand bike from many different outlets, including offline shops and online auctions. Dealers/mechanics, newspaper ads, and online auctions are some of the places to look. If you want to find out which bike is best for you, you should try out a variety of bikes to gain experience with the options available to you and set up a personal assessment of the bike’s fit for you. Due to the technology advancing at such a fast pace, many online platforms allow you to buy these used bikes through great offers and wonderful price points. Without putting yourself in many hassles, you can easily buy a bike from them.
  3. Do a proper check before deciding to buy: When you look at the bike, you can tell if it has been used properly or abused. You can judge the condition of the bike by the looks of it. To determine if the bike has been abused, you must inspect it in daylight. When you have no experience with bikes, it is recommended to consult an expert who has little knowledge of them. In case you are a novice in the bike world, it is also recommended to seek the advice of an expert. Make sure the two-wheeler is on and that no smoke or fumes are coming out of it. Listen to the engine to see if something seems different, or if any vibrations are present that can denote the health of the engine. After you have satisfied the technical aspects of the bike and you have been satisfied with the test ride, you should then evaluate the paperwork. The paperwork needs to be genuine and clear.
  4. Effective negotiation should be done: You need to know the price of the new model and then subtract the depreciation and wear/tear from that price to arrive at the price of negotiating. After you have completed the technical and paperwork, now is the time to sit down and discuss the price. Make sure to keep your point and also listen to theother person carefully. After you reach an agreement on a price and are satisfied with the deal, it’s time to sign any paperwork and make the payment. If there are any problems or additional expenses after you buy, you must deduct them from the quoted price.


You may be able to save money if you buy a second-hand bike, but you should do a thorough mechanical inspection and do the appropriate paperwork before buying one. You could end up striking a very good deal on a second-hand bike. Take the above guide to the heart and find a good used two-wheeler deal so you can choose the bike you’ve always wanted! It is a wonderful experience to buy motorbike online as it is hassle-free and time-saving.

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