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Ways to Edit Posts on Instagram

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Uploading pictures on social media is something everyone is acquainted with.

Instagram straight-up rules on this front. After the introduction of stories, people leave no chance to get a click and set it free on the net.

With that, editing those pictures to one’s likeness has also come to the scene

Filters on Instagram stories play a great role in that, but Insta’s inbuilt app feature is no less.

Tabs offering basics and more have made their way in. So much so that people use Instagram for just editing their pictures at times.

In addition to editing, if you want to accelerate your reach on Instagram you can always check out Megafamous.com.

Now, let’s discuss the various ways to edit posts on Instagram.

1. Cropping on Instagram

Cropping pictures in Instagram comes in the zoom in-zoom out format, unlike the usual grid format.

To crop the picture for your post, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Choose the photo you want to upload.
  • Tap on the edit bar.
  • Then, tap to adjust.
  • Now, zoom in on the picture and adjust according to your convenience.
  • Move ahead or cancel if you want.

2. In-Built Filters

Apart from the umpteenth number of filters Instagram offers today, it also has had a set of basic insta filters for a long time now. Not as chic as the new ones, but you can get a basic level of editing done with that as well.

It ranges from basic Black and White and darker shades to giving you sort of retro vibes.

Steps that are followed are:

  • Click on the plus under a box space on the top right corner.
  • Select the choice of post you want.
  • Choose the picture(s) of your choice.
  • Click on the blue arrow at the top right corner.
  • You will find two sections. One for edit and the other for filters. Choose the filter ones.
  • Choose the one you want from the options available.
  • Click on the top right blue option and move ahead.

3. Brightness

To change the brightness of your picture, here comes the following steps:

  • Click on the box with a plus sign on the top right corner of your feed.
  • Choose the type of post you want to make.
  • Select your picture.
  • Click on the top right blue arrow.
  • Click on edit and the second one is brightness.
  • Increase or decrease according to your choice and continue.

4. Contrast

Follow the same old steps to reach the editing tab. Click on the third option from the lot.

It helps you in deciding the tone of the picture. If you think the picture can look more representable in a different tone, contrast comes to the rescue. You can make your adjustments according to your choice.

5. Structure

Same old steps to come to edit tabs and look for structure. Change it accordingly. This will give your picture some more definiteness and make it look edgy as well.

6. Warmth

Then, you also have warmth in the edit tab. This helps in making the picture more emotionally relatable. All in all, it romanticizes the entire photo. You can adjust with the slider.

7. Saturation

Another one that you can use to bring out the purity of the color. Increase to brighten, and decrease to darken according to your convenience. 

8. Color

Color on Instagram’s edit tab has two sections- one for shadows and the other for highlight.

The shadow section provides you with certain options. Click on any of them and adjust the slider according to your choice. The same goes for highlights as well. You will get some options, and a slider to adjust and move ahead.

9. Fade

Fade is another icon on the same edit tab. Sometimes our pictures are too bright for our taste. That is where Instagram has got this to give it a more gloomy vibe. You will again be provided with a slider and you can act according to your choice.

10. Highlight

The highlight is what we use to brighten the image and it is found in the same edit tab. The slider will help you decide the intensity.

11. Shadow

Shadow is what we use to darken the image. Found in the same space, adjacent to highlight. Increase or decrease accordingly.

12. Vignette

Another on the list is Vignette. This brings a pinch of an elegant touch to the image. The idea behind this is to darken the border of the picture where the front section will be more faded and it will darken in the edge completely. You can again determine the amount of darkness with the slider.

13. Tilt Shape

The penultimate one is from the edit tab. It comes with three options- Off, radial, and linear. It will only be the certain portion of the image that comes under your chosen frame and the options are given above. The rest of the picture will be entirely white where the end of the shape is somewhat faded. Choose your fit if you want to.

14. Sharpen

The last from the lot is sharpened in the editing tab. Initially, the slider is at zero. When you start increasing it, you will find that it helps in enhancing the minuteness of the picture. The detailing is visible perfectly. Drag the slider to your desired position and move forward.


As already mentioned, apart from these the filters on Instagram stories and reels are the real winner. They look at the picture in one go. The best thing about filters is that you will click the picture after you find it suitable. There is no concern with adjusting the post later. The most popular ones from the lot are iPhone filter, milk, gold cinematic, etc.

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