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Types of Labels for Consumers and Industrial Products

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Custom label printing is one of the most important investment in order to attract the target audience. A manufacturer of consumer or industrial products must create custom labels as it makes the product look branded and appealing. A label not only gives your brand a recognition but also provides useful information to the consumers like instructions for use, safety warnings, expiration date, contact and nutritional information.

When it comes to custom label printing there is no better choice than Dal that provides both commercial and industrial label printers at affordable prices depending upon your needs.

There is a huge variety of easy-to-use and customizable labels available for different market segments like consumer, food and industrial products and are more than just any regular standard four colour and one sided ones.

Here are some of the unique label types that are gaining popularity in the marketplace:

  1. Digitally printed labels:
  • Digitally printed labels are more flexible and are of extremely high quality than the traditional flexographic printers.
  • They are cost effective and ideal for any short runs of printing.
  • The various benefits of digital labels like variable data, 2D barcodes, first article proofs and proper registration makes it the perfect choice for customers to enhance their products.
  • Digital labels are best for business label printing for product testing or prototypes as they are quite affordable and provide fast turnarounds.
  • Digital printers provide labels that are detailed, have clear gradients and texts with precise images and colours that pop.
  • They have greater flexibility as they can handle labels for products that require personalization and sequential numbering.
  • These labels are the best for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products due to their high quality printing by providing GS1 barcodes and unique device identifiers.
  1. Silkscreen labels:
  • Silkscreen labels provide optimal durability in a range of conditions. These labels last a lifetime and can survive the outdoors.
  • They are abrasion resistant and can withstand heat or wet climatic conditions thus, maintaining the integrity of your product.
  • These labels are ideal for labels like graphic outlays, industrial labels, hazard and safety.
  • Silkscreen printing uses a stencil, a photography treated screen and an ink to print on the product directly. It also requires several screens for multicolor labels.
  • Products like garden equipment, alcohol bottles, glassware, health and beauty products, medical devices, etc uses silkscreen printed labels.
  • Businesses opt for these labels as they are the best for product differentiation, durability and products with unique shapes.
  • You can also use these products for consumer products as they may withstand its appearance even after repeated washes or abuse.
  1. Flexographic labels:
  • Flexographic printers provide labels that are affordable and offers high volume, high speed and quality to the customers.
  • These labels can use different inks that are water based, solvent, UV and fluorescent.
  • Flexographic printers can print 1000or upto million labels with solid or 4 colour process on a variety of substances like foils, polyester, paper and polypropylene.
  • These printer labels can save a lot of time by delivering high output to the customers with limited efforts.
  • You can opt for flexographic labels if you need true foil stamping, metallic ink, special effects, coating or greater colour accuracy for your products.
  • These type of labels are used by the manufacturers for medical cannabis, industrial and other items.
  1. Dry peel labels:
  • An adhesive is used on such labels that allows you to peel of the label and remove it from the product container or package.
  • They are majorly used to hold the labels temporarily in cases like redeemable coupons at the time of purchase or to provide an additional copy.
  • These labels are quite unique and can be placed over another labels.
  1. Fold out labels:

Fold out labels are constructed to provide additional content and are made up of a single substrate. They can be folded and are used in addition to a primary label already provided on the container.

  1. Reseal labels:
  • Research labels have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years due to their convenience and functionality. They make it easy to reseal the packaging it comes in.
  • The perfect example of these labels are lunch mates, snack foods or various forms of ready to use wipes.
  1. Specialty die-cut labels:
  • These labels have an unusual shape and outline to provide aesthetics and branding.
  • These labels can be used for interior purposes, label panels or unique packaging type.
  1. Prime labels: These labels have your branding at the center and front of your product. You can use various techniques to make your labels stand out from the rest by providing gloss and matte finishes and specialty coating.
  2. Shrink sleeve labels:
  • These labels are wrapped around the container completely and are used in cases of an unusually shaped product.
  • Shrink wrap labels are heated to shrink the film by printing them on polymer plastic film.
  • They are most common on bottled beverages products where the heat is applied by a handheld gun that passes through a heat tunnel.

Hence, labeling plays a vital role for your industry to grab your customer’s attention and encourage them to purchase your product. It provides useful information about the items like its use, storing conditions and validity.

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