Top NFT marketplaces for collectors and investors

Top NFT marketplaces for collectors and investors

We bet that a year ago you didn’t know what NFT tokens are and why they are needed. And now the global market for these digital assets in the first half of 2021 alone has come close to $ 2.5 billion. Consider this with last year’s $ 13.7 million.

Many people are interested in acquiring intangible assets, be it ingame items or works of art. Among them are collectors who have discerned a new era of copyright in NFT, and investors who simply could not pass by a market that is growing exponentially by thousands of percent a year.

This year, news from the world of NFT went bold. Here you will find the sale at Christie’s of the digital paintingEverydayThe First 5000 Daysfor almost $ 70 million, and the 10second video clipCrossroad”, which found a new owneronlyfor $ 6.6 million. It is noteworthy that the seller himself acquiredCrossroadhalf a year earlier and about 100 times cheaper. Not so recordbreaking for the prices of individual lots, but much more numerous transactions with NFT are taking place in the world of online games, and this segment remains the key segment for the entire market. Due to the high popularity of this segment, you can get great profits by contacting the nft marketplace development company.

How can you get involved in this economy, study its laws and, possibly, try to make money on it? This guide to NFT platforms will help you to take a closer look at digital objects with NFT rights, look for promising niches, and make your first transactions. Don’t forget to just get yourself a crypto wallet.


The world’s largest NFT marketplace in terms of the total value of digital assets. Here, every day 20 thousand users make about 50 thousand transactions for a total amount of more than $ 40 million.

The growth of the NFT market is now setting the digital world’s trends. NFT’s value has remained consistent in the market and has not declined.

Users have been more interested in utilizing this platform as the value of the NFT token has increased, owing to its useful features. As the NFT marketplace market has been booming recently, it’s time for investors to investigate this blockchain platform.

Professional experts designed and delivered a comparable platform with all of the technological aspects. To enhance business standards and compete with others in the market, partner with a renowned blockchain startup.

The marketplace operates on three blockchainsEthereum, Polygon and Klaytneach of which supports NFT creation.

Axie Infinity

To understand how heterogeneous and strangely structured the world of NFT is, you just need to know that the Axie Infinity game marketplace is the second in terms of the total value of assets sold daily, but the first in the number of users.

According to the analytical service DappRadar, almost 38 thousand players in Axie Infinity provide a daily trading volume of over $ 28 million every day. The items of purchase and sale here are creatures that can be bred and used in the gameplay, as well as game territories, items, etc.

This seemingly frivolous occupation has long attracted the attention of professional economists, and there is a good explanation for this. Axie Infinity, according to Delphi Digital analysts, may conclude the year with a profit of $1 billion.


Art, photography, music, games, digital universes, domain names and even memes are all sold and bought on the Rarible NFT marketplace, which occupies the fourth position in the TOP10 of such projects.

The marketplace website is visited by 2 million people monthly. And this is even given a fairly modest daily trading volume, which slightly exceeds $ 750 thousand. The popularity can be explained by the fact that many celebrities have been noted here among the NFT sellers, including Lindsay Lohan.

Binance NFT

You will not find this marketplace in the rankings of the largest NFT players in the world yet. But there is not the slightest doubt that he will soon be there. The fact is that behind this project is one of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

With almost unlimited financial resources, the Binance exchange is building its own ecosystem of projects, squeezing small players from a wide variety of niches. It has long had its own blockchain, a trader academy, an IPO platform, and even a service to help pay taxes on cryptocurrencies.

At the end of August, on the Binance NFT platform, we will see digital objects officially presented by the Hermitage. Would you like to know more about the benefits of the blockchain support chain? Go now and do it.

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