Top Apps from the App Store

Top Apps from the App Store

Mobile apps made smartphones even more popular devices; consequently, the app industry is worth over $100 billion. The mobile gaming market continued to expand while there were over 200 billion downloads on mobile devices in 2019. But as the market is over-saturated, there are many apps that don’t deserve your phone’s memory space or money. To make it easier for you to find the best options, we have compiled a list of top-notch apps for your smartphone.  

Mobile Casino Games 

If you’re looking to play entertaining games, of chance that your best option is mobile casino games; fortunately, there are mobile online casinos where you can play high and casino games by top developers. The games are created for mobile gaming. Hence, you won’t have any problem playing on the move.  

When it comes to the payment options, the users are getting on that the consumer side provides an array of reliable payment methods that are easy to use on mobile platforms. Also, you can even find a reliable 1$ deposit casino and start playing right away. 


Wakeout is considered one of the best apps in the App store in the wellness category. If you’re looking to become more active and start working out every day, then this app will help you reach your fitness goals. The app is especially helpful if you’re working in front of a computer every day.  

There is an activity plan that helps you schedule movement sessions throughout your day, workouts to help you wake up and start your morning energized and refreshed.  

Other great options include exercising with a partner, relief exercises to help you improve your posture, and even an array of relaxing routines to help you sleep better. Overall, this is an all-encompassing app with plenty of features to help you become a healthier version of yourself.  


This app is free from the upstream, and it provides unlimited entertainment from the Disney Channel marvel Pixar and National Geographic is a great option. If you’re looking to catch your favorite TV shows and programs on the move, there are hundreds of options appealing to users with different preferences. A great feature is Group Watch that gives you an opportunity to watch the same shows with your family and friends. Another advantage is that there are over 100 programs, new TV shows, films, and original exclusive content.   


Libby is an affordable option for anyone that is interested in reading books. Libby allows you to about the books order books, and from your local library, there are many affordable options, and you can start reading your favorite novels right away.  

The app also allows you to borrow magazines, while in order to use it, you need to have a library card. You can use tags to create lists of books that you want to read, while there are also useful options that help you customize the text, font, and background. Moreover, there are bookmarks and highlights to help you keep track of your favorite books. When it comes to the audio player, you can enhance or slow down the speed of the audio. 

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