Text Reminders Vs Call Reminders – which one is better for upcoming appointments?

Text Reminders Vs Call Reminders – which one is better for upcoming appointments?

If you run a business that depends on individuals setting and attending appointments, then chances are pretty good that you are constantly trying to make sure that you have the very best tools at your disposal to connect and remind your clients.

Surely, you already know that two of the most common forms of reminders that businesses of all types depend on are text reminders and call reminders. But which one is better to use when you are trying to make sure that your clients and customers show up for their upcoming appointments?

Let’s break down the important considerations between text reminders vs call reminders that you should keep in mind. 

Phone call reminders are probably better in certain situations

One of the important times in which phone calls are best is when there is a lot of information that has to be passed onto the client. When there is a lot of personal information, it is often a good idea to reach out personally and offer your client the necessary reminder while also giving them the information they will need to be prepared for the appointment.

Moreover, it is often useful if the appointment is an important one or one that could end up rendering life-altering results.

For most other reminders, text reminders are better

With all that being said, when you are simply contacting a customer or client to offer a straightforward reminder, then text messaging reminders are typically much better. There are a lot of simple reasons why. 

The first reason is that texts are – without a doubt – the most common way in which people communicate these days. For that reason, anyone who receives a text is likely to not consider it anything strange, even if it is from a number that they do not recognize. On the other hand, if a client receives a phone call from your office, they may not pick up and miss some important information as a result. 

Another reason why text reminders are so useful is that they also exist as ways for your clients to keep records. After all, sending a text message offers you the opportunity to remind your client of the time, date, location, and even reason for their scheduled appointment. Including all that information in the text will easily allow your client to refer back to the text as the appointment approaches so that they can make sure that they are not missing anything important. 

Finally, text reminders – or at least some kind of text reminders – gives your client the chance to respond to the text. That is quite different from an automated phone call reminder. So, if you want to make sure that your client can actually come, or if you simply need to give them the chance to cancel if they have to, then a text message reminder is a great option for you.

Well, there you have it! Both phone and text reminders are great, but text reminders are typically the best decision out of the two.

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