Six incredibly useful iPhone productivity secrets

Six incredibly useful iPhone productivity secrets

The term ‘productivity’ may make you think of Google Docs or your trusty laptop. But did you know that your iPhone is one of the most portable, productive tools you own? 

Not many people view their iPhone as a productivity tool, and it is easy to see why. While it is an Internal portal, a communication tool, a gaming device, a music player, and even a social media tool, the screen is too tiny for any serious work. That’s where you are wrong, and the following tips will help you make the most of your iPhone. 

1. Notes app: an on-the-go notepad

If you are in the creative field and inspiration hits you when you’re working out or going for your evening walk, it is best to keep a notepad close to you. Luckily, the iPhone’s Notes app can work as a portable notepad, and you don’t even need to look for a pencil or pen to jot down your ideas. 

Since you might lose an idea just as quickly as it popped into your head, you need to make the Notes app accessible as easily and quickly as possible. Here’s how you can set it so that the app can be accessed from your lock screen. 

  • Go to the Settings app > click Control Center > select Customize Controls and ensure that the Notes app is listed in the “Include” section. 
  • If it is not in that section, find it in the More Controls section and click the plus sign. So, now you have the Notes button in the Control Center, and you can swipe down from the top of your screen to access the app, even if your iPhone is locked. 

2. Use Screen Time 

Apple’s Screen Time feature allows users to access real-time reports showing how much time they’re spent on their iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices. It allows you to make informed decisions about using your device and even set limits if you want to. You can secure your settings by creating a dedicated passcode, so only you can make changes or extend time. While Screen Time is great for helping you cut down on using certain apps during the day or when you’re working, forgetting the passcode can create trouble. If you need to use restricted platforms to send an urgent email or message, you need the password. 

If you have forgotten the password, you need to reset Screen time passcode

3. Turn your iPhone keyboard into a trackpad 

You might be the fastest touchscreen typist, but even then, you’ll agree it is easier to type long documents on your laptop or computer. That’s because laptops and PCs have a trackpad or mouse that allows you to position your cursor wherever you want in the document swiftly. 

Yes, you can reposition the cursor on your iPhone by tapping anywhere in the document. But sometimes, it doesn’t fall in the right place. You can make it more precise by turning the keyboard into a virtual trackpad by long-pressing the spacebar. Then, all keys will lose their symbols, and you can drag your finger around on the keyboard to move the cursor. 

4. Turn on the one handed keyboard 

Most people find typing on a smartphone screen problematic. That’s particularly true if you are walking with your iPhone and trying to type using both thumbs. Fortunately, iOS 12 and later comes with a handy feature to make typing easier, and you can do it by using a single thumb. Enable the feature by going to Settings > tapping General > selecting Keyboard > selecting One-Handed Keyboard > selecting Right or Left (based on whether you are right or left-handed). 

5. Use text replacement 

iPhone lets you create text replacement shortcuts that make typing so much easier and faster. Shortcuts can be a combination of symbols or letters and can expand into phrases and words that you type regularly. For instance, you can create text replacement shortcuts like @@ for inserting your work email address, ## for inserting your personal email address, or %% for inserting your home address.

Set up text replacement by opening the Settings app > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement and then tap the plus button to add your shortcuts.

6. Search using Spotlight 

If you’re using your iPhone to manage tons of documents, emails, messages, Google Docs, and more, the chances are you’ll not find the document you need at the moment. Instead of opening the specific app to hunt for a document, you can use the Spotlight search feature. Enter a search term into Spotlight, and it will search all applications on your iPhone to find it.

So, follow these tips to be efficient when you are on the go with your iPhone.

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