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Secret Shared on How to Prevent Hair Loss Permanently

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Hair Loss- these two short and simple words sum up the entire scariest horror story that no man and woman want to witness. However, many individuals suffer from this common issue, finding out ideal tips and products to get rid of it.

 But before going for the treatments, it is first essential to know what amount of hair fall can be considered normal and abnormal!

Every hair strand on your scalp has a life shell for around two to five years, and losing 100 strands in a day is normal. However, anything above this figure is excessive and alarming, demanding urgent treatments.

Hair is a big part of our appearance and identity, and losing hair lowers self-confidence and self-esteem. Hebeloft provides you with effective hair loss treatments, dealing with 100% authentic Korean hair care brands.

If you are also looking for tried and tested hair loss treatments, then you’ve landed on the correct page. This blog shares the magical recipe to stop hair loss by first discussing the root cause of hair fall.

What are the Potential Reasons for Hair Loss?

You can lose hair for various reasons, varying from genetic problems to health, diet, and environmental issues. Therefore, finding a definitive cause is important before seeking the treatments. Some of the most common hair loss reasons are:

  • Regular Hair Styling: 

Curling Rods, blow dryers, and flat irons will provide you with a better hair appearance, but the benefits are just temporary. These heating tools absorb all the moisture from hair, damaging hair follicles and scalp, therefore, an essential reason behind hair loss.

Letting your hair breathe in its original glory while giving them a break from heat styling will help lessen your hair fall problems, allowing hair follicles to absorb enough moisture for natural sheen and bounce.

  • Stress: 

 We can hide our feelings from others but not from our bodies. Emotional well-being is very important and can cause many hidden illnesses like hair fall. Hair Fall from stress is therefore not permanent and can be rectified by tiding overstress or going for happiness therapies.

  • Aging: 

 More than just gray hairs, aging can also be an alarming factor for hair fall. With growing age, senescence shows up in all the body cells. Hair cells react to this with reduced new hair growth leading to hair thinning and weaker strands.

Science has evolved many new hair loss treatments like hair transplantation, hair weaving, and synthetic hair implants. But all these have shown some signs of side effects and are too expensive to maintain.

  • Clogged Scalp:

 The hair growth game is all dependent on the health of the scalp. Sometimes, humidity, sweat, and dirt may clog the open pores on the scalp, stagnating hair growth and creating an unpleasant environment. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a healthy scalp to get rid of hair fall problems.

  • Diet: 

 40% of what we eat is directly reflected on our scalp. Like our skin, the scalp also needs enough nourishment to maintain the shine and bounce. The deficiency of iron, vitamin B, and protein may weaken hair strands, leading to hair loss issues.

Slight yet constant changes in diet and introducing some nourishing hair care products in your routine will help fight the issue, helping your hair and scalp regain their strength.

Tips to Control Hair Loss Permanently:  

  • Minimizing the Heat Damage:

Hair Styling might be an easy way out but is also the main reason for hair and scalp dryness, further leading to hair loss. Minimizing heat damage will help hair follicles restore moisture, providing desired natural hair shine and bounce. Opt for hair protectants before styling your hair to help lock the moisture for natural shine.

Go for a Dr BokGoo Rx-Plex No.2 Hair Treatment available on Hebeloft for only SGD 16.90. It will help improve elasticity, treating and strengthening the damaged hair while adding gloss to them.

  • Opt for an Ideal Hair Care Routine:

Opting for the proper hair care products plays a vital role in controlling hair fall. Opt for Dr Groot Anti Hair Loss Shampoo available on Hebeloft for only SGD 25.90. Enriched with naturally extracted antifungal and antiviral ingredients, it helps destroy the growth of bacteria from the scalp, open blood vessels and pores for easy absorption.

Follow up with Dr Groot Anti-Hair Loss Total Care Conditioner to help restore the moisture lost during shampooing.  

Also, try out the range of Hair Serum and Hair Treatment products available on Hebeloft, which will help seal extra moisture to your scalp and hair strands.

  • Take Control of Diet:

Hair tissues are the fastest-growing part of our body, requiring plenty of nutrition regularly for healthy new growth.

Include green vegetables, eggs, amino acids, dairy products, and meat in your diet. These all will provide enough nourishment to your scalp, inducing healthy hair growth. Also, make sure to keep your body hydrated, making hair less brittle and more flexible. Finally, make it a habit to drink at least 3 liters every day, facilitating radiant and supple hair.


Summing up the entire theory in simple words- It Is Not Entirely Possible to Avoid Hair Fall. However, these slight lifestyle changes will eventually help make the situation better.

Besides just using the right product- follow a balanced diet, spare a few minutes daily for meditation or a physical workout. It will help improve the blood flow to the scalp, providing enough nourishment for healthier growth.

Hebeloft makes selecting ideal hair care routine products easier for you, providing you with a variety of top-branded Korean products infused with naturally extracted ingredients. Check out the list on its official website now to get the best-priced products delivered to your doorstep!

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