Reasons Why Everyone Needs Bamboo Sheets

Reasons Why Everyone Needs Bamboo Sheets

Bedrooms are sacred. When the world overwhelms you, you need a quiet space away from the chaos outside. That’s why you should invest in your bedroom’s comfort. But when shopping for bedroom accessories like pillows and queen bamboo sheets, it’s easy to overlook a mattress protector. Your bedding salesman isn’t trying to upsell you when they recommend a mattress protector. Here’s how a mattress protector comes in handy.

1. Dirt Prevention

Sweat, oil, makeup stains; you name it, your bed can get messy sometimes. When these substances soak through your bamboo sheets queen into your mattress, the patches might be impossible to clean. However, you can easily remove the mattress protector and wash it. The best part is mattress protectors are easy to clean. All you need is water and a mild detergent. However, don’t use whiteners lest you bleach your mattress protector. Some protectors are waterproof. As such, moisture won’t sip into your mattress when you spill coffee or juice. Moisture can shrink your mattress’s foam and affect its comfort.

2. Extra Comfort

A mattress cover increases comfort in several ways. For starters, they’re soft to the touch, thanks to their smooth fabric. For instance, Tencel mattress protectors have hypoallergenic properties that prevent skin irritation. Cooling mattress protectors also eliminate heat for healthier sleep. If you sleep with someone, some mattress protectors also reduce motion transfer. Not to be confused with mattress pads.  While mattress pads have a thicker layer of comfort, a mattress protector is thin and doesn’t change the mattress’s feel. Moreover, you don’t need a mattress pad if your mattress is comfy.

3. More Hygiene

A regularly used mattress has 100,000-10 million mites. This is according to a past Ohio State University study. Since mites hide in mattress crevices, you can eliminate these parasites by removing the cover and cleaning it. Uncovered mattresses are also home to decaying food crumbs, sweat, pet hair, fleas, bed bugs, and E. Coli. Besides skin irritation, these allergens could cause breathing complications and increase the risk of asthma attacks.

4. Preserves Your Investment

Mattresses are expensive. That’s why most purchases come with warranties to protect your investment. However, warranties don’t cover everything. Mattress warranties may protect you from poor workmanship, but you cannot claim a replacement or refund if you damage the mattress yourself. For instance, your warranty is void if you tear the mattress. A mattress cover shields the mattress from scratches to prolong its service. Moreover, it prevents food and drink spills to keep the mattress stain-free. Stains and liquid damage render mattresses unsanitary, hence unsafe to send to the warehouse. As such, most sellers reject stained mattresses on the grounds of general misuse. A 20-year warranty is useless if it’s void by the first year.


From sizes and materials to cost and finishes, you have a variety of choices when it comes to mattress protectors. A mattress without a mattress protector is like a smartphone without a screen guard; both work fine, but you constantly worry about the safety of your investment.

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