Practices For Holistic Health And Wellness

Practices For Holistic Health And Wellness

We live in 2021, and we are counting every day to go well since the pandemic started. We need to get through these times to care for our bodies properly. There shouldn’t be any compromise with our inner and outer health. While we live in a medicine-driven world, our prior goal is to keep the body healthy from within. It means taking care of our mental, social, physical, cultural, and physiological areas. Holistic health and wellness have become the primary concern for most of us in these times. We have to commit to our inner health to be the best version of ourselves. 

Following some natural techniques can help your body transform and show immediate results. Read below the best practices to help your body get the revive it needs. 


Breathing controls our lives, and there’s no surprise in the fact that it can transform our lives too. Breathing exercises from technique can actually reduce anxiety and stress and make you feel lighter. Some breathing practices help the mind be more aware, and the body attains optimal energy. Exercises like pranayama have shown to be helpful for cardiovascular function, respiratory system, and physical and mental health. 

Breathing exercises are not only known to be a holistic approach to better awareness and consciousness, but it is also known to improve and boost physical health, fitness performance, sleep patterns, and manage pain. Breathing can further relieve and prevent diseases and boost immunity. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques or ETP, also known as tapping, is a proven therapy to fight emotional trauma by stimulating meridian points or tapping energy. It reduces emotional trauma and helps to calm physiological effects like allergies, pains, colds, and more. 

Several studies show that it is an effective solution for mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, cravings, phobias, and pain. Some research studies also show that it may be helpful in fostering a happy mood and improving immune function. Several holistic health and wellness centers also use EFT to heal their clients. Many other studies have also shown this technique’s effectiveness in relieving anxiety in athletic students. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing is among the most used techniques for many health problems. This technique restores energy balance in the body. According to the United States National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, it transfers “healing energy through the hands of a practitioner into the client’s body.” 

The techniques in energy healing include Qigong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch. These holistic health and wellness methods have also gained popularity in recent years. It is believed that energy or force controls our bodies and impacts our health. 

The Bottom Line

Holistic healing is one of the biggest parts of our lives. It gives us the revive from within and heals issues in every aspect of our social, mental, and physical energy. You may adapt these practices to your everyday schedule or book an appointment with a holistic wellness center. They have a team of professionals who can ensure that you get the right treatment. Hurry up and book yours at My VIP Health