Motion Control Camera Captures Incredible Shots & Angles

Motion Control Camera Captures Incredible Shots & Angles

Sometimes a filmmaker thinks with a different vision to capture the shots. They want their movies to look appealing to viewers’ eyes. Plus, also get an appreciation for the story from the audience. However, with the help of modern tools & technology, motion control camera is a great result of today’s technology. 

Earlier, filmmakers end up with frustrating experiences by not getting the captures they want for the films. Now, it’s convenient as today’s camera is infused with remarkable features that don’t need much editing afterwards. Therefore, unique real-time captures are possible. 

Tremendous Camera Moves 


Zoom is still a great trend and is most used in action movies. It gives an extra impression of moving the subject closer. The motion camera allows enhancing a certain focal point. Zoom delivers the sense of drama and energy that filmmakers cherish.  


Another great feature of motion control cameras is the panning. Here, the camera is moved horizontally from one end to the other on a central axis. It’s called a rotating movement where the camera’s position remains fixed in a particular place. However, the direction the camera faces changes. For instance, one captured the pan shot on a landscape. 


Next is the famous dolly shot. Here, the camera is placed on the track and then moved towards or away from the subject. Many artists have started doing this when making their Youtube dance videos or Tik Tok. It just creates an illusion that gives the viewers the feeling that they are walking away & near to the subject. 

Take a Note 

Well, the NYC soundstage is well equipped with advanced cameras & other essentials that allow filmmakers to have the best shots.


It’s a tremendous capture as the cameras move upward & downward considering the focus point. However, it’s different from tiling as the cameras here ascend or descend. When capturing a tall building, a pedestal shot is normally taken as it enhances the subject and gives an extra tall feel. 


Likewise, a dolly shot, trucking, includes the entire camera moving along a fixed point. But here, the motion is from side to side. Despite in and out. It’s also one of the unique yet challenging captures.

Popular Shots 

➤Establishing Shot 

This is generally used at the beginning of the scene. Establishing a shot is used when introducing a context that is coming next. 

➤Full Shot

By understanding the term, it means to show the complete body of the subject. In other words, showing the subject from head to toe is called a full shot. The shot pays attention to the character’s movement & gestures. 

➤Medium Shot

It is also called the ¾ shot. Here, the capture of the subject is from the knees up. The attention is given to the background as the viewers can see more clearly and also allow to see the character’s gestures or emotions. 

➤Close Shot

Here the head or face is highly focused and takes the majority of the frame. The viewers can see the emotions & reactions more clearly. The audience gets a chance to connect with a character with the help of a close shot. 

Final Words

Therefore, motion control cameras are highly used by the production houses to add details & pleasing effects to enhance the quality of the video. 


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