Looking for rare coins? Check out the silver peace dollar for your first investment!

Looking for rare coins? Check out the silver peace dollar for your first investment!

Coins contain a rich history which is appealing to coin collectors. Whether you are interested in collecting coins for historical or artistic reasons, coin collecting is a rewarding hobby to partake in. 

Some people also choose to invest in coins to earn a healthy profit. There are many different markets available for coin collection. You can find coin collector channels on television as well as online markets. 

The silver peace dollar was first minted from 1922 to 1928 and then between 1934 and 1935. Anthony de Francisci, a well-known metalworker, was the designer of the coin. 

He developed the coin to commemorate the peaceful period that followed World War I. Lady Liberty rests on one side of the coin, and an American bald eagle is looking at the sunrise on the other.  

If you are a history enthusiast, collector, or coin investor, here is some information on one of the most cherished coins, the silver peace dollar. Read on to see how silver peace coins can benefit your collecting passion. 

The Silver Peace Dollar Explained 

Many collectors enjoy collecting the silver peace dollar because of the idea that history has brushed every one of the coins found. 

From those minted during the Roaring Twenties through the Great Depression, the silver peace dollar encompasses the United States’ best and worst periods. 

The silver peace dollar was also developed to help the US create currency when the currency was lacking. Once silver reached $50 per ounce, many of these coins were melted down to sell for silver. 

Given the rareness of these collectors’ coins, the silver peace dollar maintains a high value.  

The Cost Breakdown of SP Coins 

Although these coins are rare, they are still cost-effective compared to other coins of classic background. For the most part, the silver peace coins remain at a mere two hundred dollars greater than the cost of silver. 

Next in line are the Morgan silver dollars, which sell a few dollars higher than silver peace coins.  

The Grading of Coins 

Coins are typically evaluated using four grades of quality: Good, Fine, Extremely Fine, and Uncirculated. From there, a 70-point scale is introduced to grade the condition in detail.  

The more pronounced the details on the coin are, the greater the price of the silver peace dollar. Look for clear details in Lady Liberty’s hair and the eagle’s feathers to determine the value.  

The Rare Gems 

A few coins cost a bit more in the coin collector market due to their respective year of production. As one of the earliest, the 1921 silver peace dollar goes for around $50 today. 

The rare 1928-P also sells for $100-$350 depending on the condition of the coin. The 1934-S peace dollar covers a range of prices between $25 and $1200+. 

Consider Investing In Peace Coins 

Understanding the rich history of these coins provides insight into how to determine their cost value. If you appreciate the survivorship of these coins, be sure to consider them in your next collector investment. 

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