List of Heavy Lifting Equipment for Plant Relocation

List of Heavy Lifting Equipment for Plant Relocation

Plant relocation means shifting your heavy machinery to another place. However, it’s not the task of your regular workers as they don’t possess knowledge & tricks of heavy lifting equipment. That’s why industrialists seek the help of third parties to do such challenging services. Replacing, dismantling, and shifting equipment requires professional hands. This saves machines from damage and prevents minor to hazardous accidents. In this post, I will break down the list of some heavy pieces of machinery which require qualified human resources. 

Large Size Boilers 

Boilers are one of the common machinery which one can find in almost every organization. These boilers vary in size and features depending on the organization’s needs. Generally, manufacturing companies install large size boilers for heating applications. The machine contains fluid that is heated; however, it doesn’t mean that fluid will be boiling. Surely, boilers are dangerous equipment as high temperatures can end up with explosions that can take lives. Moreover, shifting them contain threats & risks. So, again specialized assistance makes a difference. 

Heavy Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are also called furnaces, often used in the petrochemical & refining industry to heat liquids or gases. They are quite expensive and the run-up to the desired temperature. This equipment has a great impact on process unit safety, economics, and reliability. The equipment is highly complicated as it involves a lot of tubes and other dangerous components. When shifting to a new location, the dismantling of such equipment is a trick to perform. That’s why experts are called to offer- dismantle service for equipment installation in a new location. 


We all have heard about generators that are not only used in commercial spaces but residential areas. These are called electric generators, and manufacturing units invest huge capital on quality generators. They play a vital role as they do not disturb the working of the machines when electricity is gone. The generators convert mechanical energy into electrical power that allows us to use electrical devices even when the light is gone in your region. Shifting of generators requires skilled workers who are aware of safe shifting techniques. 

Industrial Storage Tanks

The storage tanks are quite big in size and helpful for industries to store bulk quantities of goods. The tank ensures content is stored in a way that doesn’t lead to damages or deterioration. These tanks are customized depending on the industry needs, so they may vary in shape & size. The tanks are generally made up of heavy metal resisting corrosion to keep the products safe. The movement of tanks from one place to another will require qualified trained personnel. 

The Bottom Line

Lifting equipment is a challenging job, and it’s illegal to be carried by unprofessionals. There have been many cases reported where the workers got severe injuries or death in some cases due to lifting of equipment. This also harms the company’s reputation when such practices are followed. Above are a list of some equipment that needs to be qualified by an experienced team of professionals to make a dangerous free shifting. 

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