Lash & Brow Artist: Popular Trends Of 2021

Lash & Brow Artist: Popular Trends Of 2021

Through the decades, eyebrows and lashes have followed different trends!

Shaved, natural, bleached, drawn, eyebrows always have been an essential part of fashion! Lashes have also evolved through the years, from the apparition of the first artificial lashes in 1911 by Anna Taylor to the most recent magnetics lashes, fuller, thicker, and longer lashes always have been anyone’s dream.

Lashes and eyebrows have never been more popular, but it is also essential to differentiate the trend from what suits you and your clients. A lash and brow course can teach you to master the latest technologies and create shapes that fit your client’s features.

Let’s have a closer look at the more popular trends of 2021! 

1. Bushy brows:

For a few years now, the trend has been for full, thick eyebrows. Bushy brows are great but not for all face shapes. They can also make the eyes look smaller. Keeping the natural brow line works for some clients but not for all. Even to achieve a natural result, eyebrows might need to be shaped.

2. Brushed up brows:

First seen on the runways, brush up brows are now an everyday trend! You can now use brow soap to define and maintain the eyebrows in place. Soap brows are really nice on a defined brow line but can look messy on an eyebrow that hasn’t been correctly shaped.

3. Laminated eyebrow:

The latest trend has taken the beauty industry by storm! Brow lamination uses similar products as a perm and needs to be performed by a professional. Without specific training, damages can be done and in the first place, knowing which eyebrow shape can suit your client is essential.

4. Tint eyebrows:

One of the most popular trends! Eyebrows tinting can enhance the natural shape of the eyebrows, colour match with new hair colour and cover up grey hairs. To create the perfect colour for your clients, following a lash and brows course is essential! Eyebrows colouring is very specific, and you must understand how undertones work. Using the wrong dye on the eyebrows can look artificial, resulting in the opposite of what you want to achieve. 

5. HD eyebrows:

HD eyebrows can be done using wax to clean and create the perfect shape. HD eyebrows are the latest trend to give more definition to the eyebrows eliminating all tiny hairs which can give a shadow. To use wax on a client, you must be professionally trained. Accidents are common and can result in burns or damage to the lashes. With a professional lashes and brows course, you will learn how to heat the wax and place it safely to achieve the best outcome.

6. Lashes:

A thick lash line is definitely the trend! Mascara is not the only way anymore to beautify the lashes! You can now tint the lashes and add lash extensions! Lash extensions are the best way to create glamorous looks for weeks without having to worry about applying false lashes.

If you are already providing beauty or hair services, adding brow and lash services can significantly increase your income and provide you with returning clients. If you are looking to start in the beauty industry, following lash and brow courses is a quick and efficient way to start providing beauty services to customers. A lash and brow course only takes a few days to complete and is nationally recognised. AACM offers lash and brow courses in Brisbane for anyone wanting to start with their first clients or add an additional service to their business.


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