How does Music Improve Brain Function?

How does Music Improve Brain Function?

Music is a wonderful thing that accompanies our life every step of the way. We have multiple genres and each of us probably has a favourite one that resonates with us.

But, did you know that music improves your brain? Find out how in today’s article.

Listening to music helps in many ways 

Many studies have shown that merely listening to music improves focus and memory, which is perfect for those who are studying and need a motivational boost.

Most of the studies focused on classical music, but it has been shown that other genres work as well.


Listening to music also improves motor functions, which is amazing for seniors, and helps alleviate depression because it promotes good mood and positivity.

Music therapy is getting more popular every day as it helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease, even at its advanced stages.

Playing an instrument makes you smarter

People who know how to play an instrument have been better at mathematics, science and engineering.

If a child starts to play at an early age, there is a big chance their brain will improve faster and the verbal working memory will improve.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t play any instrument. You can start learning at any age!

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument massively changes your brain for the better.

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Singing makes you happier

Did you know that singing lowers the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone? Well, now you know!

Singing sends vibrations through our entire body, releasing dopamine and endorphins which ends in a happier mood. Also, research shows that singing boosts our immune system.

It doesn’t matter if you even know how to sing. If you are too shy, you can sing under the shower in the morning and start your day in a happy mood.

For those who have some experience and already like to sing but are too shy for a solo adventure – try choir singing.

Whoever you are and whatever your level of talent (or lack of it) is, just sing! It will make you feel better and make you less stressed.

Drumming relieves stress

We already said how playing an instrument benefits in many ways. But, learning how to play the drums might be easier for a beginner than, for example, a guitar.

Our brain loves to sync to a rhythm, and that’s why we often start to walk in the tempo of the song we listen to.

Drum therapy has shown to be amazing for patients with severe dementia, it was, in fact, one of the rare times they engaged a bit more in the activity, smiling and making more eye contact.

It wasn’t anything complicated but a simple drum exercise that anyone can learn.


Music resonates with the core of our being and is a great tool to relieve stress, improve mood and overall health.

Whether you choose singing, playing or just listening, it will surely make your day much better.

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