Features of Hosted Drake Software

Features of Hosted Drake Software

The very popular Hosted Drake Software is a secure, user-friendly, strong, and high-level tax-based software for preparing taxes for SMEs. The important reason why Drake tax software is different and better is because of its customization alternatives that allow extensive details of the various sections of business processes. It is also one of the most user-friendly software to use.

Along with the tax preparing services, the high-level drake software also incorporates a segment that provides the tax professionals to review the overall health and efficiency of the customers. You can also get cloud support for Drake software from Desktop as a Service Providers to enhance the potential of the software and get the benefits of cloud computing. To get a better understanding of the software here are some beneficial features of Drake tax software for your business:

1. Single and joint filing of taxes

When you use the advanced drake software it enables both the alternatives of single as well as joint filing of taxes. Which eliminates the need for using additional software for different aspects.

2. Calculator for loans

If you are unsure about the value of the loan, the period, or the interest rate needed for your business to pay the loan then you can use the excellent feature of the loan calculator in the Drake software.

3. E-filing

You get the high-level function of e-filing. If you keep a watch over the world of taxes, then you must know that e-filing is the most reliable method of filing taxes and since it is fast and accurate, it streamlines your tax filing processes as well.

4. Instant Estimator

The Instant Estimator feature is a highly beneficial part of this robust tax software. This high-level tax software will give you the return due instantly with few quick steps and hence the process of tax filing is accelerated.

5. Drake scheduler

The scheduler is one of the most important functions in this software and by using this function, you can schedule quick appointments and you can even input several schedules for a user effortlessly.

6. Drake documents

The Drake document feature will eradicate the need for paperwork while handling your data through the tax filing process. By using this feature, you can simply store, access, and share all your data in a centralized form.

7. Tax planner

It is one of the greatest alternatives out there that can assist you in saving time by simplifying data entry and decreasing the steps. You can also analyze the data of various years of filing taxes by using this feature and this is what makes it so useful.

8. Research tool

​This is a very easy-to-use tool offered by Drake tax software and by using this tool, the user can get updates about the latest variations and adjustments that are taking place in the tax industry.

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