Essential Design Trends You Shouldn’t Skip

Essential Design Trends You Shouldn’t Skip

Website Design is like fashion, trends change faster than seasons here. One day a trend is “in” and the next week or month it’s “old school”. As a designer, if you want to be in demand, you must keep up with the trends. A good designer is one who does not lose their original aesthetic in the race to be “in the hype” but also doesn’t hesitate to pick up new trends along the way. Let’s discuss some design trends that you should take into consideration when designing your next website:

Big, bold, and even quirky typography choices are a hit right now for main headers in website design. The crux of this design trend is that these headings do not follow all your usual typography rules but rather stray from them. These are generally oversized fonts with some unconventional font used for a couple of words in between your conventional heading font. 

However, this should be done in a manner that you do not go so over the top that it looks ugly but in an aesthetic, pleasing manner that gives off a dramatic but acceptable vibe.

  • Round Buttons

Majority of the buttons that you design must be rectangles or at most rectangles with some creative css applied to it. But no css can make your buttons stand out as much as a circle button would. 

The most attractive part of this trend is that it’s extremely convenient as all you have to do is change the shape of your CTAs to distinguish them from other elements. However, you need to ensure that the users are aware that it’s a button by adding subtle details like shadows, animations, or tool tips to it otherwise they might ignore it due to its non-traditional shape.

  • Big Branding

Rather than being subtle about it, brands are giving major space to their logo or name on their website. They are not shying away from publicising themselves so big branding is back after an era of small, subtle, on the side branding. They use oversized logos on the page and instead of being on the top left corner, it can be anywhere on the screen. The trick is to implement this design in such a way that it doesn’t seem too flashy to the users.

  • Split-Screen Aesthetic

The definition of this trend is in its name itself. This works greatly if you can implement it without making your design garish because it gives the users a chance to interact with different visual contents at the same time and doesn’t feel repetitive. You don’t always have to stick to the 50:50 ratio, play around and find the perfect look for your design. This trend is more about playing with visuals than functionality.

  • Dark Mode

More and more designers are either opting to design their website in both light and dark mode or creating their whole website in dark mode. More browsers and devices are allowing this flip at the user level, making designing for it even more important. You want your WordPress design to look just as good with a light or dark background. This trend is extremely popular among the users making it essential for designers to  design with dark mode in mind so that every element of the switch still looks good and works as intended. Logos, colors, and design elements need to remain readable in dark mode; often that requires switching some element in the design.

  • Off-Screen Sliders

Sliders are like that one quirky relative that everyone in the family either hates or loves tand are a constant matter of debate among designers. Either way, they remain a popular design option. However, why always stick to traditional methods, right? 

Another trendy take on this element is to create an almost full-width element with the next slide just hovering at the edge of the screen. So that the user can peek at the next slide’s content roughly and they can decide whether to advance the slider to the next slide or not. This trend is popular among users because rather than moving slides automatically, it gives the control back to the user.

Incorporating the latest trends in your designs is a necessity so that they don’t look dated. It would be prudent to keep an ear out for the latest trends so that you can stop using them when they go out of style. 

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