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A Comparison Between Lightening and Brightening Treatments

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30-Second Summary

  • There are certainly differences between the two treatment skin options – skin lightening or skin brightening
  • It’s important to distinguish between the two so that you can make informed and safe decisions about which is the right thing for your needs and wants. 
  • While both top-rated skin brighteners, as well as skin whitening products, are aimed towards people who want beautiful-looking skin, each one serves different kinds of purposes because they have such different chemical compositions.
  • Showing you at least 5 differences between them, so you know what you are looking for.
  • It is also important to cultivate healthy skincare habits. 


Who doesn’t want bright, glowing, healthy-looking skin, free of blemishes, with fine pores that glow with health? Millions of women, every year, look for top-rated skin brighteners. 

You need to know about these much-used terms because people use them interchangeably when they are not the same. To put it bluntly, skin lightening treatments are a whole lot harsher than skin brightening treatments. Look at these differences we have listed here:


Skin Brightening Skin Lightening 
Other namesSkin illuminatingSkin bleaching
The purposeTo maintain a radiant complexion – not to whiten the skinTo inhibit melanin production to facilitate lighter skin
Agents usedHydroquinone

Kojic acid

Vitamins C and E

Azelaic Acid



Licorice Extract

And more




Azelaic Acid

Glycolic Acid

Kojic Acid

Paper Mulberry Extract


And more

The targetIt targets all kinds of inflammation of the skin, particularly for those who have scars from acne bumps and cystsThe aim is to fade and reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots on the skin that have to do with the color of the skin
Over-the-counter or prescription?Top-rated skin brighteners usually contain anti-aging ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, alpha- and beta-hydroxy acidsYou get prescription medications, IVs, dermabrasions, chemical peels, and other skin lightening surgeries that are popular to whiten the skin. Safe ingredients found in lightening creams are retinol, arbutin, and vitamin C
Are the results permanent?Not a permanent solution to brighten the skin – needs maintenanceSkin lightening is also not permanent, requiring constant maintenance. If you don’t keep up with a skin-lightening regime, you might end up with uneven or discolored skin
How it worksTreatments to brighten the skin work through:

  • Exfoliation to facilitate renewal
  • To remove dull, dead skin cells from the skin surface, rejuvenating and cleansing the skin
  • Uncover the natural skin tone
Treatments to lighten the skin will work through:

  • To reduce the production of melanin in the skin – determined by genetics
  • Products that contain chemicals. One such chemical stops the enzyme called tyrosinase from producing melanin in the skin
Safety Brightening products usually use different ingredients – considered gentler to useBleaching of the skin can cause chemical burns, poisoning, cancer risk, redness, rashes, and hormonal disruption

Warnings Around Skin Lighteners

Those who use skin lighteners need to be careful in the sun – melanin production is what protects your skin from sun damage. Your skin might be lighter, but it might suffer severe sun damage. 

You should be aware that some skin lighteners contain mercury. In large doses, if you are exposed to mercury, you could develop serious health problems. Even people around you can breathe in the vapors released from the mercury when they touch you or use the towels you have used.

Unless a skin lightener is prescribed by a dermatologist, you should try and avoid using them. Always consult a specialist before undergoing a skin whitening procedure. 

A Glance on Skin Brighteners

Skin brighteners aim at making your skin radiant and glowing. 

If you use a color-correcting cream, like Perbelle CC Cream, it can save you a lot of money. It may hide skin flaws such as large pores, dark marks, and redness. What you get is a lovely finish, like an airbrushed look with a pore-less finish. See the Perbelle CC Cream reviews from buyers to determine its suitability for you. Also, you can find many other top brightening skin treatments made of natural ingredients. Make sure to speak with a dermatologist before trying any new product.


Women, regardless of ethnicity or age, want to own clear, healthy, glowing, and radiant skin. For a lot of women, this can be quite a challenge – fighting off dark spots such as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can be intensified by both ethnicity and genetics, especially the brown and black-skinned women of SE Asian, African and Hispanic descent. 

For all women, the aging process, hormonal fluctuations, and sun damage often stand in the way of clear soft, radiant skin. 

Many celebrities lighten their skin as well. It becomes a matter of social issue. Often physicians come into the picture here for skin lightening because many creams that are used are positively dangerous. Maintaining  healthy skincare habits is paramount

Some ingredients that offer the surety of safe pigment reducers include vitamins A, C, and B3 – they stop pigment from being produced and eventually wear off. 

Did you know that some skin lighteners contain steroids? These are illegal without a prescription because they are some of the dangerous substances. 

Skin whitening products have had their turn to come under scrutiny because there are a few unsafe facial practices, nasty chemicals, and controversial beauty products and politics. There will always be red flags to look out for. Fortunately, we have shown you a fantastic skin brightener that will make your skin radiant and bright. Go over Perbelle CC Cream reviews to know more about it.

It’s your business whether you want to lighten or not. But you have the facts above – just do it safely if you want to do it. Remember that if you remove melanin’s natural protection, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and throughout the year.


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