Check Out Top PDF Editors for Chrome

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Check Out Top PDF Editors for Chrome

PDF files are tricky to manipulate, especially if you don’t have the editable Word files. But thanks to PDF editing software and their chrome extensions, anyone can edit PDF with little stress.

So did you open your Chrome browser to find the best PDF editor but found so many tools that you ended up more confused?

If so, don’t leave yet because you’ve just struck gold.

Let’s explore the best PDF software for students with handy features optimized for Chrome and other browsers.

Adobe Acrobat

For nearly 30 years, Adobe has given users a PDF editor that works flawlessly. Adobe Acrobat is the benchmark for premium PDF editors, pioneering many features that you see in other editors today.

Thanks to its PDF tracking, conversion, and signing features, the tool gives users total control over PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat also takes accessibility seriously, providing an accessibility option to read text aloud. Finally, its connection to Adobe Document Cloud eliminates issues like file loss.

Lumin PDF

If you are looking for a PDF editor that handles annotation, merging, and other document editing tasks, Lumin PDF should be your first choice. 

Although Adobe Acrobat is more popular, Lumin PDF is just as feature-packed while remaining cheaper. Due to its reliability, this online PDF editor is steadily gaining ground with professionals.

The tool works smoothly on desktop browsers like Chrome and Firefox because developers constantly update and optimize it.

Lumin PDF is also the best PDF editor for students and teachers because it prioritizes usability over profit. Besides, the software’s auto-saving and synchronization features make it a must-have for project managers, collaborative teams, and people that switch devices at work.


PDFMerge is the next PDF file editor on this list because of how well it merges PDFs. Bankers and business auditors often need to combine many PDFs into one document for record-keeping, which is where PDFMerge excels.

The software prioritizes security by deleting all uploaded files from its database after 6 hours,  which is an in-demand feature in the corporate world. That way, users and companies don’t have to worry about data leaks.

Also, PDFMerge delivers on its promise of being the top choice for people who want to compress, resize, or merge PDFs.

Finally, PDFMerge is an ideal PDF editor for teachers and people working with tight deadlines because it doesn’t require installations.


Nowadays, many online software programs try to include too many features and end up becoming too complex. But the creators of Sejda editor are taking a different approach to problem-solving.

This online PDF editor has a simple interface that you can master within minutes. It also has straightforward saving options like the ability to save a file directly to Google Drive.

Sejda saves time, produces consistent results, and has attracted a lot of positive reviews from users.

Although this tool isn’t the best free PDF editor for students as its premium features cost a pretty penny, it will still serve anybody who only needs to edit PDFs occasionally.

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is a feature-packed online PDF tool for students, professionals, and small businesses. Unlike Sejda, Nuance Power PDF has a lot of handy features for every editing operation.

For instance, Nuance Power PDF has voice recognition technology that handles dictations. It also takes notes, converts PDFs, and is compatible with browsers.

Unfortunately, these features contribute to its relatively high price. For newcomers, adjusting to Nuance Power PDF and its interface may take a while. But once you understand how to use them, you will have no reason to look for another PDF editor.


Unlike what you may expect from a tool named SmallPDF, this software is top-heavy. SmallPDF has so many features that it can hardly be called a PDF editor for students.

This online tool easily handles regular PDF editing jobs like signing, adding notes, and highlighting. It also makes light work of more complex tasks like PDF conversion, password protection, compression, splitting, and merging.

What’s more, the software has Android and iOS apps for users that are always on the go.

So if you are looking for a free PDF editor for teachers, you can take advantage of SmallPDF’s trial period. Though your free ride will eventually expire, you can enjoy its powerful features, especially if you just need them for a one-time project.


If you love online tools for their speed but hate signing up on platforms, PDFescape is the PDF editor for you. This software gives users two options: use the online PDF editor for students free or pay a token for the desktop app.

With mentions from trusted review platforms like CNet and PCWorld, PDFescape is gaining footing in the world of educational tools.

And with PDFescape’s efficiency as a PDF annotator student can rest assured that the tool will meet most of their document editing needs.


As a PDF editor, Okular takes things a step further by allowing you to open and read other file formats like EPub. This tool’s versatility attracts creatives while cementing its place as a reliable document editing software.

And as you can expect, Okular has many features for managing documents. With this tool, you can annotate PDFs, copy elements in a document, verify e-signatures, and do many other things.

Okular also works smoothly on different platforms and has Chrome support. And you’d expect to pay for a tool with these many features, which is why it may surprise you to find this PDF editor free for students.


With over 15 years in the PDF software space, SodaPDF has fine-tuned its offers to give users the features that matter in a PDF editor.

SodaPDF lets you convert PDFs to other document formats and vice versa. You can also sign PDFs electronically, add sticker notes to them, compress the files with ease, and design fillable forms using this tool.

For a product that has stayed so long in the industry, getting the backing of Softonic, CNet, and thousands of online users is another feather in its cap. And with a 3-day satisfaction guarantee, the tool suits people using PDF software for the first time.


The final entry on this list is PDFBuddy, a reliable online PDF editor with straightforward controls and easy registration.

While this tool won’t let you create new PDFs or merge documents, it handles form filling, PDF signing, and highlighting.

PDFBuddy works well on Windows and Mac systems and allows users to edit up to three PDFs monthly for free.

So if you are on a budget and don’t have a lot of files to edit at once, you can stick to its free version. And with this software’s easy PDF upload and editing process, you can trust it to deliver on simple PDF editing tasks.


Nowadays, many browsers support PDF editors and extensions. And with every PDF software upgrading its features to outdo the competition, users have more than enough tools to meet their needs.

The PDF editors above will help you manage PDFs and other document types and protect sensitive information using different security measures.

The premium ones will give you cloud storage access and connect with your Google Drive and Dropbox to ensure you never lose files. So feel free to invest in any of the tools on this list today.

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