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Cannabis Blog Post Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

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As a cannabis business, your customers trust you and your budtenders to provide information on the best strains for their individual needs and preferences. Your cannabis blog is an extension of that expertise and can bring new customers through your door.

Why Every Cannabis Business Needs a Blog

Blogging is one of the most unrestricted channels you have to get the word out and build a brand in your local community.

As long as you’re not making unfounded health claims that get you on the FDA’s radar, your options are somewhat limitless. Websites with blogs have around 400% more indexed pages. That’s more pages customers can potentially find in search, leading them back to you.

Blogging will help you increase your visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) and engage your target audience at every stage in the cannabis buyer’s journey, from newbie to intermediate to the connoisseur.

You’re building trust with your customers and demonstrating why they should choose you over the dispensary down the street.

But churning out interesting topics people want to learn about isn’t easy. So here’s a list to generate endless blog post ideas.

Talk About Cannabis News

There’s always something new and interesting happening in the world of legalization, cultivation, and exportation.

“Colombia Authorizes Exports of Dried Cannabis Flower for Medicine”

“Colorado Creates Cannabis Business Office to Promote Social Equity”

Tap into this endless news to keep your customers in the know and engaged in the world of cannabis.

Talk About the Basics

We all start somewhere. And many people may be wary of walking right in knowing nothing.

So don’t be afraid to talk about beginner topics like:

  • What is THC?
  • What is the ECS?
  • What Is a Terpene?
  • How to pack a bowl or roll a blunt

Talk About the Product

You know more than anyone about the subtle effects of the cannabis provided by X company. Or the differences between two strains.

Monthly, commit one post to a certain vendor or strain. And see the interest in that product rise.

  • Sleep Like a Baby with X strain
  • Where’d My Back Pain Gone? The benefits of high-THC
  • Anxious About Finals? How High-CBD Strains Get You Through

Talk with the Local About Local Stuff

You’re trying to get more visits to your New Jersey dispensary, talk about local construction, events, and issues to connect directly with locals who can actually visit your dispensary.

  • 5 Local Eateries That Serve Food Late
  • Best Local Spots for a “Mindfulness” Hike
  • 7 Local Bands, You Should Be Following

Talk About the Research

Cannabis is an actively researched substance, and that’s only increased since some of the loosening of research regulations worldwide.

You’re not the only one who’s interested in these topics. A lot of clientele are too. You can deliver the latest updates on research to their inbox by making these blog topics.

Talk About Cannabis Drug Approvals Around the World

Every approval of a new cannabis-derived drug is a step toward full legitimacy. It’s proof at last of the benefits you’ve known about all along.

People love to get proved right. So any discussions about FDA, CFIA, EMA, and so on is an opportunity for an informational feel-good piece.

Talk About Your Employees

Not behind their back. That’s not nice. But bring them into the conversation.

Show you value the talent you work with, highlight their strengths, and let them share their favorite recommendations in a post.

Talk About Behind the Scenes

A lot goes on behind the scenes in the cannabis industry.

Inquiring minds want to know about:

  • Growing
  • Pest Control
  • Climate Control
  • Sexing
  • Drying
  • Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Labeling
  • Regulatory Matters

Talk About the Local Cannabis Community

People need connection, especially after 2020. So your blog is a great place to highlight the active cannabis community in your area.

Do you host events? Do people meet up for a group hangout at a local bar?

Are there local meet and greets in the business community?

Share all about it on your blog.

Answer Common Questions

Once people get past the basics, they’ll have more probing questions as they explore the world of cannabis. Take some time to answer the questions people have.

Where do these questions come from?

Google is a great place to start. Type is a topic and notes the questions section. Each of these could be a blog topic.

Quora is another place to find questions because that’s its framework.

  • Does More THC Mean Better Weed?
  • What’s the Highest THC flower?
  • Do Budtenders Get High At Work? … Because you know people want to know. You might as well address it.
  • How Do Edibles Work?

Any of these topics would be a great opportunity to show your expertise, give fans a glimpse into your company, and generate more foot traffic into your shop.

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