Best Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Custom Jewelry Organized

Best Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Custom Jewelry Organized

“I have too many jewelry pieces’ ‘, said no woman ever! Jewelry is a woman’s true love and she cannot have enough of it. Don’t believe us? Check out the chunk of bling your mother owns and ask her if she wants more. The answer will always be ‘yes. That’s because women are crazy about ornaments. Even if they hardly wear it, they won’t mind collecting it. Well, with jewelry, it’s just not about buying the finest pieces, but keeping it in good condition is equally important. Jewelry is delicate and you need to keep it organized so it won’t break or lose color due to friction. And mind you, keeping all the chunks in a box is not what you call ‘organized’. It’s messy and hard-to-find situation in there which makes you repeat those 2-3 pieces you find at the top.

Jewelry storage ideas

 It doesn’t matter how many expensive rings you own, if you can see them easily while getting ready, they are as good as accidentally going down the drain, which means no use! You know what they say, “out of sight, out of mind”, maybe they knew too much about women. Jewelry is expensive, especially the custom jewelry you have in your collection, so the last thing you would want is it losing its charm before you ever wear it. Consider this a decluttering session because we are here to give you some ideas on how to keep your jewelry organized. 

Get fancy with dishes

Jewelry is something that every girl starts collecting as a teenager. The love keeps growing with time and soon, from the cheap plastic wear, they shift to fine jewelry. Now, you cannot keep the fone pieces just like you stored the beaded one. Keep your luxe jewelry in dishes so they don’t get tangled. We usually don’t feel like we need a jewelry organizer. But when you break the lock of a chain or earring while separating it from others, it really hurts. To avoid such a situation, dish out your pieces. 

Get serious with velvet

Have you ever seen how jewelry stores keep their best pieces? In a velvet case! The velvet case is soft and doesn’t cause any friction to the jewelry. Hence, your jewelry stays organized in a good condition. No longer will you find your earring wandering here and there because you can stick them in the velvet base. Gift your expensive and most favorite pieces a velvet base to plush on a velvet cushion and shine bright. Now you know how to maintain the beauty of your custom-made moissanite engagement ring that is close to your heart. You can either buy some new velvet cases. Or use the ones that came along with your fine jewelry. Ask your mom, she must be having so many of these. 

Go monochromatic with jewelry

Got confused? We mean to store similar colored jewelry together. Make a beautiful storage statement by grouping similar-colored items together if your jewelry collection includes a lot of silver and gold (or other striking hues). This will give your jewelry storage a bold and vibrant design, and you’ll always be able to find your favorite silver drop necklace.

Cotton layered drawers

The easiest way to store your precious jewelry is to allot a drawer for it. Now, you can carefully place each piece separated from one another. One tip that we would like to share is to layer your drawer with cotton. Cotton helps keep the moisture away, so your custom jewelry doesn’t lose its color and shine.

These are the best way to keep your custom jewelry organized and in good condition. 


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