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7 Practical Uses of Church Software

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Church is the last place you’d expect to hear anything about computers and software. However, like other institutions, churches require proper management, and that’s where software comes in. In fact, software plays a crucial role in the smooth running of most of the biggest ministries in the country.

If you run a ministry or are deeply involved in the running of church activities, it’s time to consider church software. This is especially true if you’re having problems with your church’s organization, finances, and communication. Maybe it’s time to seeks some digital help to streamline your church operations and draw large congregations.

Not convinced? Well, join us today as we look at few pragmatic uses of church management software for your ministry. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

What Is Church Management Software?

As the name connotes, church management software is a software solution specific to churches that help organize, manage, automate and streamline church operations. A church management software or ChMS carries out specific functions and keeps the church ball rolling. Some of these functions include managing databases, communication, finances, among others. 

Managing a church is like working an organization or business, minus the profit-making and inherent cynicism. Both churches and corporations consist of hierarchies and departments to form a holistic entity. Unlike businesses, churches rely on donations and contributions to remain afloat.

As such, churches require extra diligence in managing finances and operations because one false move could put the church in turmoil. ChMS helps avoid such unpleasant situations to make the church grow and thrive.

What Can You Use ChMS for?

Church software is imperative for the seamless execution of church operations and their growth. The question is, what role does ChMS play in the running of church activities? Well, here are a couple of practical uses of church software.

Budgeting and Accounting

Accounting isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially for someone with no prior experience. Crunching numbers with a calculator is outdated and highly inaccurate. You’re better off using church management software to handle your accounting and budgeting.

A proper ChMS will monitor the church’s expenditure and also keep track of donations from congregants and well-wishers. The software ensures that the church operates within its financial limits to avoid overspending. Fortunately, ever since 1913, churches in the US don’t have to pay taxes, so that’s something you don’t have to worry about.

A church-specific software will monitor how much money flows into and out of the church. It keeps track of the church’s finances to ensure it remains afloat throughout the year.

Membership Tracking and Management

Church membership forms the backbone of any ministry worth its name. A church that treasures its members thrives and attracts more congregants. Proper membership management ensures that your members feel part and parcel of the church community.

A proper ChMS should help you keep track of the following church data:

  • Basic information, including genders, names, and ages
  • The contact information like phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses 
  • Demographics such as marriage status, residences, baptisms, among others
  • Family structures including the number of divorced families, adopted children, and blended families

That said, the church software should also perform various functions that touch on how the church manages its members. Some of these functions include:

  • Registering and orienting new church members
  • Sending out broadcast messages to members for pressing announcements like upcoming events
  • Managing church events, including assigning roles and co-ordinating between church members
  • Allowing and restricting members to particular data and systems

Proper membership management is crucial for the church’s organization and its growth. With the right church management software, managing your members should be a walk in the park.

Scheduling and Calendar

People go to church on Sunday, but church activities spill over the entire week. That’s why you need the right church software to handle your scheduling and church calendar. It’s way better than using your smartphone to mark important church events like concerts, church picnics, and the likes.

A proper church management software should allow you to:

  • Mark important calendar events like the ones mentioned above
  • Communicate with all event stakeholders through the calendar in real-time
  • Filter calendars to show specific types of events 
  • Organize work/volunteer schedules and track sick leaves if any
  • Export the calendar to your church’s website

The calendar is an integral part of the church organization, and church software helps keep everyone in the loop.

Taxation Assistance for Donors and Members

While churches are exempt from taxes, taxation laws work a bit differently for donors and church members. This isn’t to say that donors have to pay any taxes for donating to the churches. In fact, the IRS allows you to deduct church donations when preparing your federal tax return.

These donation laws are a tad murky for donors, but ChMS can help determine how much they can deduct. The software can summarize all this information and send it to the respective donors. Doing so saves them the trouble of having to do unnecessary calculations for helping out the church.

Not many church software can prepare donors’ tax information. This means you’ll have to do some digging to find one that can. However, you can click on https://www.iconcmo.com/ for one such software. 

Automatic Check-ins

Church management software allows you to track anyone who enters your church during the service or other church events. This helps monitor church attendance and also identify any new church members. Check-ins can also monitor church growth by tracking the number of members that attend the church services.

Embrace Church Software for Seamless Operations

The best time to get church software for coherent church operations was yesterday. Explore the various church software solutions and pick one that meets your needs. However, ensure you have the right personnel to handle your software for it to count.

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