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6 Tricks to gain followers on Instagram and get customers for your business

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Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, Instagram has not stopped growing to establish itself as one of the most relevant social networks today, with more than one billion monthly users confirming that it is not a passing trend.

Taking this into account, it is clear that Instagram is much more than just an app, but has become a powerful marketing tool, so it is crucial not only to gain followers, but to do it in a way that allows you to get customers for your business and be able to monetize your activity on the social network. An alternative to organic growth, is to buy Australian Instagram Followers which is instant and more lucrative.

But before you start: 3 tips to get customers for your business

Whether you run an online store or offer your products through Instagram, it is necessary to determine what will be the best way that will allow you not only to gain followers on Instagram, but also to make your activity on this and any other social network allow you to get customers for your business .

After all, when it comes to business, 10 loyal customers who buy your product will be more valuable than a thousand followers who just add to your Instagram account.

Starting from this idea, we can summarize the process in three steps that will be broken down into different strategies to gain followers on Instagram and achieve your business goals. These are:

  1. Generate visits and gain followers on Instagram.
  2. Monetize your content and get customers for your business.
  3. Loyalty with your products or services and content to help you promote your brand.

The importance of gaining followers on Instagram

As we said: 10 buying customers are more valuable than a thousand followers. However, gaining followers on Instagram will allow you to get customers for your business as your visibility on the platform increases and right there lies the importance of working on effective strategies that allow you to strengthen your presence on the platform to constantly gain followers and get customers for your business.

Having said that, we will begin to explain the best tricks to gain followers on Instagram and get customers for your business. You can get an idea of its importance with the fact that even some of the famous Influencers tend to buy Instagram Followers Canada from trusted service providers. 

Use the correct hashtags in your posts

Hashtags are an amazing tool to generate views on your profile and gain followers on Instagram quickly, as long as you use them strategically.

Most specialists see hashtags as the best alternative to increase their visibility on the platform and consider them an efficient way to categorize published content, allowing users to search and choose posts among all those available on Instagram for certain topics.

Taking this into account, improving your hashtag strategy should focus on choosing not only the popular hashtags that can guarantee greater visibility, but also choosing those that are associated with your account and bring you closer to the type of users you are interested in attracting to gain followers for your account. 

Interact with other users

Liking, commenting and even following other users is an effective way to gain followers on Instagram.

While you want Instagram users to engage with your content, initiating engagement can allow you to generate curiosity and interest, gain visibility, and gain followers on Instagram to increase your reach on the platform and win customers for your business.

However, as with hashtags, the effectiveness of this practice depends on doing it with the right users. Starting from this point, the best way to do it is the following:

👉 In the Instagram search field, enter the most popular hashtags associated with your account.

👉 Like, comment or follow different users among the available posts.

👉 Repeat with other relevant hashtags.

The more interactions you initiate, the higher the views on your profile and the potential for your account to gain followers on Instagram.

Take care of the quality of your content

You don’t have to be a design professional or an experienced photographer to post quality content on Instagram. Fortunately, anyone can do it with the basic knowledge and resources, but what does quality content look like?

There are many things to keep in mind, but it all starts with establishing a message and purpose for your account that allows you to have your own tone and connect with your audience in an authentic and effective way.

After defining your message you must:

  1. Use good quality images, leaving aside pixelated images, photographs or videos, with poor lighting or out of focus.
  2. Work on your content descriptions. Although Instagram is a visual social network, you should make sure to complement your images with quality captions according to the objectives of your account.
  3. For designed images, make sure to use legible texts.
  4. Prioritize value content over promotional content. In general, it is recommended to limit promotional content to a maximum of 10%.
  5. Use design tools to strengthen the quality of your images.

Collaborate with other accounts

One of the most popular and effective alternatives to gain followers on Instagram and grow on the platform is to collaborate with brands, influencers, and users. However, it must be done carefully.

For greater effectiveness, make sure you choose an account whose audience fits the characteristics of your target audience, which will allow you to attract the right type of user to get customers for your business.

Also, when working with influencers, you must carefully select the user that fits the tone of communication and the qualities of your business.

Go on live streaming

The lives are wonderful to attract the attention of users interested in your brand, especially if you do it in combination with influencers or allied accounts.

Live broadcasts allow you to show a closer facet of your content, as well as interact in real time and create a direct link with your audience and generate more conversions.

Study your stats

There are many analytics tools out there for Instagram, but the platform gives business and creator accounts all the information they need in their analytics section.

This section includes valuable information about your audience, as well as the most effective type of content and a wide variety of statistics relevant to your business.


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