6 Best Wallpaper downloading apps for Android and iOS

6 Best  Wallpaper downloading apps for Android and iOS

It’s quite easy to find the favorite wallpaper downloading an app from the Google play store when it has a bundle of free wallpaper applications for its users. It becomes boring when the user using constantly same wallpaper when spending much time scrolling through images and photos to get better background wallpaper. There is no need to waste time exploring wallpapers Google Play store facilitates its users by providing a plethora of free wallpaper downloading apps.


This application offers modest; customize backgrounds that are being automatically downloaded on the mobiles on a periodical basis. Users can customize the colors scheme pattern according to their choice. Tapet provides wallpaper in the premium version. The user has to pay after enjoying the limited free wallpapers. The interface of this application is as streamlined as provided abstract images.


This app has a vast and amazing collection of images, which integrate with more passionate colors. Amoled allows its users to change wallpaper every day. Amoled screen is as essential as device contrarily will not get clarity of picture and color saturation also found in available Backgrounds. The collaboration of this application with Reddit sometimes creates confusion. Some customers also report the crashing issue.


This is actually a fast, extensive, and frequently growing database of HD, live wallpapers, and ultra HD. LitWallz is a quite user-friendly application so anyone can easily handle its options from video games to landscape to superheroes.  Some of its users frequently complain about the crashing and hurdle while loading the wallpaper. Luckily, the application is updated and debugs on the daily basis.

Live wallpaper:

This application has plenty of ads that become the cause of navigation for people. Live wallpaper has a grand stock of wallpapers for mobile users so sometimes their mobile is unable to handle the active screens. The application sometimes required restarting because the display setting becomes unstable and stops working altogether. But apart from hurdles, this app offers a huge variety of live wallpapers. It offers animated clips, real-life scenes, and customized options but one of the mesmerizing things about this app is it is free.


This is one of the ancient wallpaper apps being used by Android users. It is consists of 4K, HD, and easily downloadable live wallpapers that can easily adjustable on other devices too. Its broad catalog can absorb any scheme of colors, style, and personal choice. At some time this app enjoys its peak time but users were continuously complaining about plenty of ads while using this app.

Background HD

Background HD is the most famous wallpaper application for android users. This fact is proven by 2,000,000 people who had reviewed this app.  It has pictures, background videos, watches, and illustrations. Users can easily upload their self-created wallpaper and can easily sell it on the premium paid version.

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