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5 Snacks That Enhance Your High

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Even as a weed enthusiast, a healthy diet matters because it determines and enhances your high. There are certain snacks that a weed consumer can’t do without.

Most importantly, applying consistency in your snack of choice is the way to go. Cannabis reacts differently with each snack and leaves you guessing what exactly to expect next.

Here are snack suggestions that will enhance your high.

1. Nuts

This is an all-time favorite for both smokers and non-smokers. Nuts are rich in undisputable benefits for your health. They are mostly rich in protein which your body needs for smooth physiological functions.

What’s more, weed smokers can also benefit greatly from its sober effects. Smoking marijuana can be quite an intense ride, especially for first-time users. Even the legends find it hard to lay off the effects at some points.

Snacking on nuts is a healthy routine that helps keep the harsh effects of Cannabis at bay. Nuts contain fatty acids that come into contact with cannabinoids, which speeds up the rate at which you get high.

What’s more, your high experience becomes more defined with every puff. It doesn’t fade away too fast as long as nuts are in the mix. There isn’t a specific timeframe at which you need to snack on nuts.

They are just as effective when you chew on them along with your dose of full-spectrum CBD oil. Nuts are also beneficial in keeping your heart rate in check. Smoking marijuana without a healthy snack backup only slows down the heart rate in a risky fashion.

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Another significant benefit of snacking on nuts as a weed smoker is that they protect the heart. Weed smokers with cardiovascular conditions are cushioned against the adverse effects of smoking marijuana.

2. Mangoes

These are a healthy alternative and have a host of other benefits besides enhancing your high as a fan of Cannabis. The one thing that weed fans have come to appreciate about mangoes is that they contain terpenes.

Weed smokers are particularly keen on the aroma and a wave of other factors that contribute towards a successful smoking session. Terpenes are known to make the feelings of highness last much longer.

They do this by getting into contact with Cannabinoids and facilitating their fast absorption into the brain. For better high results, eat your mangoes about an hour before you smoke weed.

This provides ample time for the terpenes to be absorbed into the bloodstream. In turn, they link up with the cannabinoid receptors, facilitating a quick response hence the prolonged feelings of highness.

Eating a mango or drinking its freshly blended juice helps you stay relaxed. Mangoes help you feel the full sedative effects of your preferred dose of Cannabis. What’s more, they also contribute to muscle relaxation in case of an intense workout.

In case you run out of mangoes for some reason, be sure to keep other healthy snacks close by. Smoking weed on an empty stomach may yield dangerous repercussions, especially on your health and general well-being.

3. CBD Gummies

It’s possible to snack when you’re already high on weed. Not to mention that you can do it at your pleasure. There are CBD snacks that you can count on to heighten the level of phenomenal experiences.

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The likes of CBD gummies are a go-to for most weed enthusiasts when they’ve already achieved their desired state of high. Gummies are among the CBD treats that have earned the praise of legendary and beginner weed folks alike.

They have been known for their calming effects as well as their flavorful tastes. Having a CBD treat close by when high is beneficial since it helps in calming you down. Lack of sleep is a common occurrence among those who’ve achieved their state of highness.

CBD treats such as gummies improve the quality of sleep by relaxing your mind and muscles. However, be mindful of the doses you take when high to avoid dangerous effects.

Gummies are also beneficial in improving moods when one feels so high. Some weed users find it almost impossible to control their moods after a successful smoking session.

4. Broccoli

Like their counterparts, mangoes, broccoli contains terpenes that merge with the receptors in your body to realize the all-familiar feeling of highness. Broccoli is a unique snack in a weed fanatic’s diet since it yields other benefits too.

For instance, broccoli is also known to reduce the pain brought about by different factors, including inflammation. That’s not all; you can inculcate broccoli into your highness regime due to its ability to fight off the effects of depression.

Eat it before a marijuana session to experience its full benefits.

5. Sweet Potatoes

They are rich in carbohydrates which activate the crucial part of the brain that produces serotonin. Their low-fat content is beneficial in improving moods and getting rid of low moments.

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Different types of sweet potatoes such as pumpkin contain Vitamin E, which boosts moods.


Being hooked to Cannabis is not all about neglecting your diet. On the contrary, it should draw you closer to a healthy and balanced diet to enjoy a blissful highness experience.



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